Petrochemicals Sector in Saudi Arabia Remains Vital for Vision 2030 Aims

The Petrochemicals sector in Saudi Arabia makes up 60% of the Kingdom's non-oil exports and remains vital to the Kingdom's Vision 2030 aims, according to a recent study on the sector released by Jadwa Investment.

Saudi Arabia

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Comic Con

Crowds flock to Saudi Arabia’s first Comic Con

"The minute I stepped in, I couldn't believe this is happening here," she told CNN. "It's a big move for Saudi to have something like ...


Oil Output

Saudi Arabia Breaks Records on Oil Exports and Output for Year

Saudi Arabia boosted oil exports and production last year to the highest monthly averages on record as the global crude market endured oversupply. ...


Adel Al-Jubeir

Can Iran change? We hope it will

When we look at the Trump administration, we see a president who is pragmatic and practical, a businessman, a problem-solver, a man who is not ...


Aramco IPO

Saudi Arabia debating shape of Aramco ahead of IPO: sources

Saudi Arabia is considering two options for the shape of Saudi Aramco when it sells shares in the national oil giant next year: a global ...


Saudi Binladin

Saudi Binladin obtains fresh payments from government -sources

SBG has received 2.4 billion riyals ($640 million) so far this year for its work on state projects including the King Abdulaziz International Airport in ...


Islamic Military Alliance Against Terrorism

Will Saudi Arabia allow Pakistani general to command military alliance?

Appointing Sharif commander of the military alliance would enhance the credibility of the so-called Arab NATO. The alliance has carried out military exercises in the kingdom, ...



Israel’s defense minister says Iran wants to undermine Saudi Arabia

Israel's defense minister said on Sunday Iran had an ultimate objective of undermining Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and called for a dialogue with ...


Women's Gyms

Saudi to soon start granting licences for women’s gyms

Saudi authorities plan to start granting licences for women’s gyms from the end of February, a senior official has said. ...


Women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Bank Samba Follows Bourse in Naming Woman to Top Position

Saudi Arabia’s Samba Financial Group named Rania Mahmoud Nashar as chief executive officer, the second woman to ascend to a top finance position in recent ...


Ali Shihabi

Saudi Reset: Interview

When President Trump took office, funnily enough, you know the day of the inauguration, we felt that the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula area became ...


Renewable Energy

Saudi warms to solar to boost oil exports

Starting this year, Saudi Arabia plans to develop almost 10 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2023, starting with wind and solar plants in its vast ...


Saudi Aramco

One contractor killed in oil pipeline leak in Saudi Arabia

A pipeline oil leak killed one contractor and injured three other workers in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Abqaiq, state-owned Aramco said Sunday. ...


Flooding in Saudi Arabia

Saudi rail operations expected to resume on Friday after flooding

Rail operations in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province are hoped to resume on Friday after torrential rain damaged track and caused a train to derail last ...


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Global Oil Markets

Shale Recovery Limits Impact of OPEC Cuts on Global Oil Prices

However, not for the first time, the faster and stronger rise in drilling activity in the United States over the past several months may have ...


Munich Security Conference

Iran accused of undermining Middle East security

Saudi Arabia has demanded at the Munich security conference that Iran be punished, saying that the country was propping up the Syrian government, developing ballistic ...


Global Arms Sales

Global arms trade hits highest level since end of Cold War

The global arms trade has risen to its highest level since the end of the Cold War. ...


Trump and Islam

Analysis: Five Ways Donald Trump Is Wrong About Islam

Despite the mountain of evidence that shows that anti-Americanism in the Muslim world is overwhelmingly a response to U.S. policy (and not because they “hate ...


Oil and Gas

MENA to spend $294bn on oil, gas projects despite weak prices

Oil producers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are continuing to spend heavily on oil, gas and petrochemicals production capacity despite the ...


James Mattis

US Defense Secretary Mattis: No plan to seize Iraqi oil

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday the United States does not intend to seize Iraqi oil, shifting away from an idea proposed by President ...



Iraqi troops push into IS-held southern outskirts of Mosul

Iraqi Federal Police forces on Monday pushed into the southern outskirts of Mosul on the second day of a new push to drive Islamic State ...



Iran’s New Way of War in Syria

Iran is transforming its military to be able to conduct quasi-conventional warfare hundreds of miles from its borders. ...


SMEs in the Gulf

Economics 101: What SMEs need if they are to flourish in the Gulf

In the GCC, they employ a much lower percentage of the workforce (60 per cent in Saudi Arabia, 43 per cent in Oman, and 20 ...


War in Yemen

New Houthi weapon emerges: a drone boat

“Our assessment is that it was an unmanned, remote-controlled boat of some kind,” Vice Adm. Kevin Donegan, commander of the Bahrain-based US Fifth Fleet and ...



Norwegian relief group says staffers detained in Yemen

Norwegian relief group says six of its staffers and a driver have been detained in the Red Sea port city of Hodeida by Houthi rebels. ...


State Department

‘CEO’ Rex Tillerson faces internal skeptics, crisis-battling White House

One of Rex Tillerson's first directives as U.S. secretary of state was an order to senior staff that his briefing materials not exceed two pages. ...


NATO Alliance

Most Americans Support NATO Alliance

While President Donald Trump has previously questioned the relevance of NATO, 80% of Americans say the alliance should be maintained. This is up from 64% ...



Jewish lawmakers rip Trump over two-state walkback

”The alternatives to a two-state solution would mean that Israel would have to choose between its commitment to democracy and the solemn obligation to be ...


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