King Salman Launches Month-Long Investment Tour in Asia

King Salman
Saudi Arabia's King Salman leaves Sunday for a month-long tour of key nations in Asia as the region grows in influence as an oil importer and potential investor in the Saudi economy.

Saudi Arabia

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Catholics and Saudi Arabia

Commentary: Saudi Arabia, from the past into the future

As in the Catholic church, there is great resistance to change in Islam. Although the king is close to being an absolute monarch, he has ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Analysis: Saudi Arabia’s Oil Wealth Is About to Get a Reality Check

Saudi Arabia has said oil giant Saudi Aramco is worth more than $2 trillion, enough to consume Apple Inc. twice, and still have room for ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

As Saudis prepare to sell shares in oil giant, some have misgivings

The offer's huge size means foreign investors will have to play a big role, but the government will be under pressure to demonstrate that Saudi ...



Aramco IPO could push other Gulf states to list oil assets: economist

Saudi Aramco's initial public offering (IPO) could encourage other Gulf countries to list their oil assets, a leading regional economist said, but the oil giant ...



Investigators clear Saudi-led forces of 2015 attacks in Yemen

A body set up to investigate civilian casualties in Yemen says technical fault was responsible for the death of seven people in one air strike. ...


SANG Helos

Saudi Arabian National Guard helicopter force takes shape

The Saudi Arabian National Guard has embarked on its plan to build a rotary-wing force that consists of the latest variants of both Apaches and ...



Malaysia’s Petronas, Saudi Aramco to sign agreement during Saudi King’s visit

Reuters reported earlier this week that Petronas and Aramco are expected to sign an agreement to collaborate on a 300,000 barrel-per-day oil refinery and petrochemical ...


Saudi Comic Con

Saudi Fans Flock to Kingdom’s First Comic Con

But according to Hisham AlSaeed, a representative from the company contracted to run the show, the official event is really the culmination of an existing ...


Saudi Female Superhero

‘I am not Latifa’: Meet the first female Saudi superhero

Latifa, Saudi Arabia’s first female comic superhero, and her dystopian universe are the brainchild of Fahad Al-Saud, CEO and creative director of award-winning gaming and ...



Are the good times over for expats in Saudi?

As Saudi Arabia steps up efforts to employ more of its own people, and with economic growth slowing, the ranks of well-paid white-collar expatriates like ...


Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

Animation on Chinese boy’s adventures in Saudi Arabia premieres

As the first film and TV cooperation between the two countries, the series took about three years to complete, presenting a comprehensive picture of Chinese ...


Saudi Women and the Arts

Beyond the veil: Saudi women making their presence felt in the arts

Intended to help remedy a lack of formal support for curatorial work, it struck a chord across the Saudi arts community. ...


Chemical Acquisition

Chemical giant Tronox plans $1.67bn deal for Saudi’s Cristal

The deal would make Tronox the world's largest producer of the whitening pigment, operating 11 titanium dioxide plants in eight countries with total capacity of ...


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Trump Administration

Trio of military men gain growing influence with Trump

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Joint Chiefs Chairman Joseph Dunford have quickly formed a stabilizing alliance in an administration whose ...



Iraqi Army Ahead of Schedule in Fight For West Mosul, U.S. Officials Say

In a sign of how hard-fought is the battle for Mosul, Iraqi army and police forces, backed by U.S. and French airpower, are hitting Islamic ...



A new confrontation: Donald Trump intends to take on Iran. Right, but risky

The nuclear deal only lifted nuclear-related sanctions on Iran. Others remain in place, relating to ballistic-missile activity, support for terrorism and human-rights abuses. ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Pentagon plan to defeat Islamic State to look beyond Iraq, Syria

A Pentagon-led plan to defeat Islamic State, due in draft form by Monday, will look beyond Iraq and Syria to include the threat from jihadists ...


U.S.-Gulf Relations

Ways to Deepen Cooperation with Gulf States

The Trump administration has an opportunity to reset, tighten, and maximize America's strategic relations with the Gulf states. ...


Middle East Change

Perspective: The Changing Regional Architecture of the Middle East

The Arabs, of course, remain the largest ethnic group in the region, but it is the non-Arab states of the region that have become its ...



U.S. generals want elevated talks with Russia about Iraq and Syria operations because of aerial collision fears

Senior U.S. military officials want to elevate talks with Russia about air operations over Iraq and Syria, an effort that is meant to protect pilots from ...



Afghanistan: The Fall Of Helmand

It was called Operation Moshtarak and it was supposed to be the defining moment of the Afghanistan conflict - an all-out assault by coalition forces ...


Mars Mission

VP tasks Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to lead Mars 2117 project

Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, issued directives to Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre, ...


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