Saudi Arabia Makes Diplomatic Push to Warm Ties with Iraq

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir made a surprise trip to Iraq on Saturday, the first trip there by a Saudi foreign minister since 1990.

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King Salman in Malaysia

King Salman receives grand red-carpet welcome on arrival in Malaysia

King Salman was accorded a red carpet welcome at the Parliament Square in the Malaysian capital on Sunday at the start of his four-day state ...


Saudi Stock Market

Saudi Arabia Is Seeking Ways to Boost 4% Foreign Stock Ownership

Saudi Arabia is seeking ways to boost foreign investment in its bourse, almost two years after easing access to the one of the world’s most ...



Saudi’s Adel Al-Jubeir makes surprise visit to Baghdad

Adel al-Jubeir, kingdom's first foreign minister to visit since 1990, promises to build ties and install new ambassador. ...



New Saudi stock market opens with gains of 20 percent

Saudi Arabia on Sunday launched a parallel equity market designed to boost small and medium enterprises that closed up 20 percent, the maximum allowed in ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

These Are All the Ways a Saudi Aramco IPO Could Impact Markets

Whatever you think of the valuations involved -- be it the $2 trillion once suggested by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman or the $400 billion ...



The Iranian-Saudi Arabian conflict: Does the West have a skewed view?

The West often boils down the difficult relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia to sectarian conflicts between Wahhabists and militant Shiites, but the rivalry is ...


Ali Al-Naimi

Man Who Moved Oil With His Words Won’t Talk About It Anymore

For more than two decades, the oil market hung to Ali al-Naimi’s every word -- whether he was taking a characteristic stroll at dawn on ...


Women in the Workforce

Role of women in Saudi economic growth ‘vital’

The report, titled ‘Women’s Careers in the GCC – Four Good Practice Case Studies’, aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 that sets the ambitious target ...


Comic Con Jeddah

Comics and music shows in Saudi Arabia draw rebuke from clerics

A comic show and a recent pop concert have drawn rebuke from powerful religious figures and social media users in Saudi Arabia this week, highlighting ...


Renewable Energy

Why Saudi Arabia’s $50bn renewable energy program is credible

It is now evident that Saudi Arabia has a credible renewable energy program that is designed to ensure that the country builds up a reliable, ...



Saudi cultural mission in Washington hosts over 100 visitors from US universities

Al-Eisa said the gathering was designed to explore ways to benefit from US universities and solve whatever problems the 65,000 Saudi students in the US ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco to invest $7 bln in Petronas’ RAPID oil refinery

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak announced on Monday that Saudi Arabia's state oil company Saudi Aramco will invest $7 billion into an oil refinery and ...


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National Security Advisor

Trump national security adviser wants to avoid term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, sources say

HR McMaster felt phrase castigates ‘an entire religion’ and indicated ‘he’s not on board’ – a contrast with the president and many key staff members ...


Shia Leadership

Shia leadership struggle ahead after Khamenei and Sistani

Sistani is 86 and Khamenei 77, meaning that not-too-distant future promises tussles first to suc­ceed them and then between their successors. ...



U.S. Forces Push Artillery, Rockets, and Helicopters Closer to the Fight in Mosul

Special operations forces, artillery, rockets, and airpower are working overtime to back up thousands of Iraqi troops fighting to eject ISIS from the city. ...


Donald Trump Presidency

Sources: U.S. considers quitting U.N. Human Rights Council

The body has been accused of unfairly targeting Israel, and Trump aides are questioning its usefulness. ...


Yemen Raid

Father of SEAL killed in Yemen raid spurned meeting with Trump, wants answers

William Owens, clutching a photo of son Ryan, the SEAL killed in a January commando raid, says the administration is wrong to say that anyone ...



Monitor: Syrian Army Advances Against Islamic State Near Aleppo

The Syrian army and its allies made a sudden advance on Saturday and Sunday into areas held by Islamic State in northwest Syria, a war ...



Jordan’s troubles in its own backyard

A growing movement of homegrown and widespread protest has shaken the certainties of loyalty that King Abdullah II could once rely on. These protests, once ...



Egypt’s Christians flee terror in north Sinai security void

Coptic Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt's population, have always been a favorite target of Islamic extremists. But attacks on churches have ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Iran’s enriched uranium stock roughly a third of amount allowed – IAEA

Iran has roughly a third of the enriched uranium it is allowed under a deal with major powers, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Friday ...



Bomb attack on Bahrain police bus wounds four officers

Four Bahraini policemen were wounded in a bomb attack on Sunday near a village south of the capital Manama. ...


Gary Ross

From Arab Sheiks to Dakota Frackers: The Oil Industry’s Go-To Analyst

An energy economist who got his start in New York during a tumultuous period for oil in the 1970s, Mr. Ross today boasts a personal ...


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