Seven Important Takeaways from Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Lunch Meeting with President Trump

The meeting was viewed by both U.S. and Saudi officials as a success.
A “senior advisor to Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman” released an enthusiastic statement following yesterday’s meeting between the Prince and President Trump, calling the meeting a “huge success.” Here are 7 important takeaways from the meeting, according to the source.

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U.S.-Saudi Relations

Trump Wins Saudi Praise for ‘Turning Point’ After Meeting Prince

“Relations had undergone a period of difference of opinion,” a senior adviser to the crown prince said in a statement after Tuesday’s meeting. “However, today’s ...


Oil Output

Perspective: Saudi Arabia’s Totally Not Bluffing

We've already reached that stage in Saudi Arabia's poker game with the oil market where it drops the stony face and simply declares, "I'm not bluffing." ...


Fiscal Balance Program

Saudi Arabia can achieve budget surplus by 2019: Report

The fiscal balance program, unveiled after the announcement of the 2017 budget, comprises rationalizing government expenditure, cost savings from energy and water-price reform partially offset ...



Inside Saudi Arabia’s First Feminist Literary Magazine

Launched in the summer of 2015, publishing work exclusively by Saudi women, Jahanamiya seeks to counter stereotypes about Middle Eastern women and provide ...


King Abdullah Economic City

This Saudi City Doesn’t Depend on Oil

The world’s most petroleum-dependent country is building a city that will operate without revenue from it. ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Arabian king has power over the U.S. stock market rally

President Trump deserves credit for the stock market rally, as he has unleased “animal spirits.” ...


Bribery in Saudi Arabia

‘Bribery is a crime that carries heavy penalty’ in Saudi Arabia

Security officers in Makkah arrested an official in a government department accused of having accepted a SR1 million bribe in return for easing procedures concerning ...



Japan’s Toyota to look at Saudi production as the countries seek closer ties

"The study would take into account the evaluation of development of a local supply base using materials produced by major Saudi companies like Sabic, Maaden, ...


Southwest Saudi

Saudi Arabia to launch development projects worth over US$ 533 mn

Saudi Arabia is set to launch development projects worth over SR2 billion ($533 million) in Bisha Province of the kingdom, said a report. ...


Insurance Claims

Saudi Arabia: 2016 insurance claims hit record

Insurance claims in Saudi Arabia have surged to the highest level ever, increasing by 10% in 2016, while total insurance premiums rose marginally by 1%. ...


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Global Oil Markets

Oil Investments Sink On OPEC, Saudi Data

As Saudi Arabia’s king travels in Asia to cement new energy agreements, OPEC’s latest data show global oil production decreased in February but it’s all relative: ...


Nike Middle East

Here’s How Nike Is Looking To Establish Itself In The Middle East

In Saudi Arabia, Adidas had a 33% market share  in sportswear in 2016, maintaining its leading position primarily due to its strong international reputation. ...


Technology, Media and Telecommunication

Deloitte issues its 2017 TMT predictions for the Middle East

For the first time in our 5 years of releasing MENA specific analysis on major market developments, we are including predictions for all three sectors ...



Six decisive points that changed Syria’s war

What began as calls for change on the streets swiftly became a multi-national battleground, which has left more than 300,000 people dead and millions displaced. ...



IS Mosul commander killed, government forces battle for bridge

Iraqi government forces killed the Islamic State commander of Mosul's Old City on Tuesday as the battle for the militants' last stronghold in Iraq focused ...


Somali Pirates

Somali pirates hijack UAE ship

Somali pirates have hijacked a commercial oil tanker in the Indian Ocean, in the first successfully hijacked since 2012, officials said. ...



Russia Reported to Start its Syrian Naval Base Expansion this Spring

Viktor Ozerov — the head of the Russian Federation Council’s defense committee – said planning work was underway to start the expansion of the Russian logistics ...



Perspective: Is Turkey Still a Democracy?

An upcoming referendum and a vicious war of words with Europe could end up making Erdogan more powerful — and isolated — than ever. ...



Abu Dhabi to phase out paper utility bills in green drive

ADDC said it issues eight million bills a year. It said sending them electronically instead of by paper copy will save the equivalent of 1,500 ...


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