Reports: Trump Administration Bans Laptops In-Flight for Saudi-US Flights

Lengthy flights from Saudi Arabia to the United States will now seem longer as the Trump Administration bans non-American carriers from allowing passengers to use laptops in-flight. New TSA rules on flights originating from Riyadh and Jeddah state that laptops must be kept in checked baggage.

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Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Arabia Cut Crude Exports in January After OPEC Agreement

Saudi Arabia reduced crude exports in January as the world’s largest oil shipper led OPEC nations in their historic production cut to rebalance the market. ...


JASTA Aftermath

9/11 victims suing Saudi Arabia: report

A collection of more than 800 people and families hurt by the 9/11 terrorism attacks have filed a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia for its role ...


War in Yemen

UN rejects coalition call to supervise Yemen port

The United Nations on Monday rejected a call by the Arab coalition for the key port of Hudaydah to be placed under its supervision. ...


MEED Quality Awards

10 Saudi projects valued at $4.7bn win national honors

Ten of Saudi Arabia’s highest quality projects have won national honors in the 2017 MEED Quality Awards for Projects. The combined value of KSA’s winning ...


Saudi Workforce

Saudis to tighten curbs on foreign workers in local jobs push: sources

Under the new policy, construction firms with between 500 and 2,999 workers would have to employ 100 percent Saudis to be in the top "platinum" ...


Private Sector Hiring

Economics 101: Private sector hiring can help GCC countries solve the resource riddle

There are many theories about how natural resources can hurt rather than help an economy. The need for such theories arises when we look at ...



These videos make Saudi Arabia’s sandstorm look apocalyptic

Storm "Madar", as it has been dubbed, originated in the deserts of Libya, blew through Egypt and then landed in the kingdom. Jeddah was hit ...


Saudi Green Building

Saudi Green Building Forum joins LEED International Roundtable

The Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF) has become the newest member of USGBC’s LEED International Roundtable. Faisal Alfadl, Secretary General of the King Saud Foundation ...


Heritage Sites

Makkah governor pledges $20 million to protect endangered heritage sites

In his speech, the prince said there are major challenges faced by many regions in the Middle East as Arab communities attempt to preserve their ...


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Airline Electronics Ban

Middle East airline Royal Jordanian raises concerns the US is rolling out an in-flight electronics ban

The US Department of Homeland Security is rolling out a ban on carrying electronics in passenger cabins on some flights to and from the US ...


War in Yemen

Yemen war: Demands for southern independence split coalition

The port city has suffered from the fighting which has ravaged the rest of the country for the past two years, not least from March ...



Iraqi Leader al-Abadi Meets With Trump, Anticipates ‘More Cooperation’

President Donald Trump held his first meeting with Iraq's prime minister Monday as the American leader shapes his policy for defeating ISIS. ...



Assad: Russia has ‘important role’ in preventing Israel-Syria clash

Syrian dictator defends decision to fire anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli planes, says protecting country’s borders ‘our duty’ ...


Muqtada Al-Sadr

EXCLUSIVE: Sectarian militias have no place in Iraq, says Muqtada al-Sadr

Mahdi army leader turned Iraqi peacemaker speaks to MEE of disbanding militias, defeating IS ... and welcoming Brexit ...



After Saudi king, China warmly welcomes Israel’s prime minister

China welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday just days after hosting Saudi Arabia's King Salman and the signing of deals worth as much ...



Boeing Might Be the Biggest Winner in Trump’s Military Buildup

The Chicago aerospace company leads more than a half-dozen contractors whose programs stand to get 9- or 10-figure boosts if the president’s budget proposal becomes ...


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