Saudi Arabia Praises Trump Airstrike Punishment of Syria Chemical Attack

Saudi Arabia said on Friday it "fully supports" U.S. strikes on military targets in Syria, saying it was a "courageous decision" by President Donald Trump in response to the use of chemical weapons against civilians.

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Syria Strike

Saudi Arabia praises U.S. missile strikes against Syria

The government of Saudi Arabia offered praise Friday morning for the “courageous decision” by President Donald Trump to launch missile strikes against the Syrian government ...


CNN Inside the Middle East

CNN’s ‘Inside the Middle East’ spotlights Saudi comedians

CNN is set to air the latest episode of “Inside the Middle East,” which will feature three boundary-pushing Arab talents, including a Saudi comedian and ...



“SMEs have not really complemented any large corporations so far”

Amr Khashoggi, Vice President, Human Resources & Group Affairs, Zahid Group, speaks to TRENDS about the SME sector’s untapped potential in the region. ...



Theresa May’s decision not to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia was not brave

May’s dress choice is not brave or unique. She was not in violation of Saudi law; while female foreigners who choose not to conform to ...



One Man’s Quest to Prove Saudi Arabia Bankrolled 9/11

Proving the link between Saudi Arabia and the hijackers has been Kreindler’s nearly sole focus since the moment, several days after the Twin Towers fell, ...


Arab Air Forces

INFOGRAPHIC: Saudi Arabia tops list of strongest air forces in the Arab world

Saudi Arabia has been named the strongest Arab country with a military air force, according to a recent report by Russian media outlet Sputnik News. ...


Travel and Tourism

Positive vibes from Saudi Arabia on Tourism

Nikola Kosutic, research manager at Euromonitor International, said: “The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) is investing generously in boosting domestic tourism, launching ...


Frank Gardner

BBC journalist’s message to Saudi Arabia, years after al-Qaeda gunned him down

“Luckily, when that terrible thing happened I had spent enough time in Saudi Arabia and in other parts of the Middle East to have built ...


Flooding in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Gov. Prince Faisal signs contract for groundwater level reduction

Riyadh Gov. Prince Faisal bin Bandar has signed a contract with Azmeel Contracting & Construction Corporation for a groundwater level reduction project in three neighborhoods ...


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Syria Strike

U.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government

The U.S. military launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield late on Thursday, in the first direct American assault on the government of ...


Syria Chemical Attack

The Sarin Gas Attack In Syria Ignited an Information Battle

Victims quickly took to social media to distribute evidence of the use of chemical weapons. ...


Syria Sarin Attack

Following gas attack, Israel reassesses Syrian threat

The fact that the regime is suspected of using sarin nerve gas against the population casts their current assessments into doubt and challenges Israel's working assumption ...


Debt Finance

Gulf’s $24 billion bond bonanza meets cash need in cheap oil era

Middle East international bond sales are off to the strongest ever start to a year as borrower demand for funds outstrips the firepower of local ...


GCC Healthcare

Economics 101: Why GCC healthcare costs are a special case

In 2015, the GCC healthcare economy was valued at US$40 billion and that figure is expected to grow to US$71 billion in 2020. The prevailing ...



The UAE’s Evolving National Security Strategy

Confronted with serious challenges, but also blessed with remarkable assets, the United Arab Emirates has developed a distinctive, and in some ways unprecedented, national security ...



What role will Iran-linked militias play once IS leaves Iraq?

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said recently that any group taking up arms in Iraq outside the state's official framework will be considered outlaws. However, it seems at least ...



Israeli soldier killed in West Bank vehicle attack; Remains of Jordan soldiers from 1967 war returned

A Palestinian rammed his vehicle into a group of people near a West Bank settlement on Thursday, killing an Israeli soldier and wounding another, the ...


Women in Egypt

Egyptian women’s tales of sexual harassment anger conservatives

Hundreds of Egyptian women and girls have come out to denounce sexual harassment and share personal stories about it on social media, breaking a taboo ...


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