Saudi Arabia Looks to Overhaul Billions in Government Projects, Report Says

development, labor and construction in Riyadh saudi arabia- photo by lucien zeigler for SUSTG
Saudi Arabia's government is ordering its ministries and agencies to review billions of dollars' worth of unfinished infrastructure and economic development projects "with a view to shelving or restructuring them."

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Stock Listings

HSBC predicts 100 Saudi Arabian listings in privatisation drive

Saudi Arabia's privatisation drive is likely to result in around 100 new stock market listings in sectors including mining, healthcare and retail, a top HSBC ...


International Bond Sales

Bond sale is another sign of a stronger Saudi economy

Saudi Arabia’s economy is going from strength to strength. In just six months, the Kingdom has managed to raise nearly SR100 billion ($26.5 billion) in ...


Renewable Energy

Saudis Seek 30 Solar, Wind Projects in $50 Billion Pledge

The world’s biggest exporter of crude oil will produce 10 percent of its power from renewables by 2023, Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih said Monday at ...


Bureau of Capital and Operational Spending Rationalization

Saudi to shelve, reform billions of dollars of unfinished projects – sources

Riyadh's Bureau of Capital and Operational Spending Rationalization, set up last year to make the government more efficient, is compiling a list of projects that ...


Vision 2030

Sport, culture and entertainment: Driving tricky Saudi change

Saudi Arabia’s powerful deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has put sports, culture and entertainment, at the cutting edge of his effort to culturally and ...


Global Oil Markets

Saudi Aramco chief warns of looming oil shortage

Amin Nasser, chief executive of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producing company, said on Friday that 20m barrels a day in future production capacity was ...


Aramco Refinery Capacity

Saudi Aramco’s refinery plans set to sweeten IPO

Why is this important? Saudi Arabia will likely not increase its production capacity of oil for the foreseeable future. The main area in which Aramco ...


Cultural Tourism

ATM to feature cultural tourism as GCC invests in multi-billion dollar projects

According to the research, compiled by Colliers International, Saudi Arabia is ready to invest up to US$2bn – one of the highest commitments of any ...



Commentary: Why Saudization fails to solve unemployment

According to statistics published by the General Authority of Statistics, there are at least 917,500 jobseekers, including 177,500 men and 739,900 women with their percentage ...


Sin Tax in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia says tax on tobacco, drinks to raise up to $2.7 billion

Saudi Arabia's government estimates a new tax on tobacco and sugary drinks will raise between 8 billion and 10 billion riyals ($2.1 billion to $2.7 ...


Saudi Shoura

Saudi Shoura member in favor of women driving

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, head of Shoura Council’s committee on economy and energy, said he is in favor of women driving “as long as there is a ...


Saudi Oger

Troubled Saudi Oger sells 2.8 pct stake in Saudi Investment Bank

Financially troubled construction company Saudi Oger sold a 2.8 percent stake in Saudi Investment Bank, bringing its stake in the bank down to 5.8 percent ...



Saudi Arabia looks to recruit 100,000 Kenyans

Saudi Arabia is interested in recruiting mainly skilled and semi-skilled workers such as nurses and technicians, Kenyan media reported. ...



Meet Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female tour guide

Khaja's area of focus is Madinah, a city rich with both holy sites and significant religious buildings. It is already one of the most visited ...


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Anti-ISIS Campaign

Airstrikes against ISIS hit highest point of war

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Commentary: How Weapons of Mass Destruction Became ‘Red Lines’ for America

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U.S. Foreign Policy

Who Runs the World? Mid-Level Bureaucrats

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Water Scarcity

Glass Half Empty: The Future of Water Access is Exceedingly Grim

Their predictions for the future painted a devastating picture of widespread water scarcity, with the brunt of the impact falling on women, the poor and ...


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