U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis Arrives in Saudi Arabia; First Top Trump Administration Official to Visit Kingdom

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U.S defense Jim Mattis arrived in Saudi Arabia today, his first stop on a tour through the Middle East that will “focus on the fight against Islamic State and articulating President Donald Trump's policy toward Syria,” Reuters reports.

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Mattis in the ME

US defense chief to visit Israel, Saudi Arabia to talk war aims

His trip to the region this week includes stops with longstanding allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, and new partners like Djibouti. ...


Saudi Bonds

Saudi Bonds Provide Much-Needed Breathing Room

Today, debt to GDP is below 15 percent, which allows for plenty of space to issue debt before the government’s 30 percent ceiling is reached. ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Oil Exports Drop to 2015 Low as Kingdom Sticks to Cuts

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude shipper, trimmed exports to a 21-month low in February as local refineries took advantage of more abundant supplies and ...


Saudi Airports

Saudi Wealth Fund to Get Airports in Step Toward Privatization

The kingdom aims to win investment in airports as its seeks to revive an aviation industry that’s been dwarfed by competitors in nearby Dubai and Qatar. ...


Foreign Labor

1 million expats expected to leave Saudi Arabia under amnesty plan

With 70 days to go before the end of the campaign of targeting residency and labor violators, preliminary results are already “positive,” according to officials ...


Selective Tax Scheme

Saudi Shura Council Endorses Selective Tax Scheme

The STS system aims at reducing consumption of goods which are deemed harmful to human health, especially among the youths, and limiting the spread of ...


Oil Output

Oil Prices Fall on Saudi Minister’s View of Output Deal

Oil prices dipped on Tuesday after Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said it is too early to decide whether OPEC will extend its crude-production-cutting agreement for ...



Citi appoints Carmen Haddad as Saudi head

Citigroup has appointed Carmen Haddad as head of the bank's Saudi Arabia business, according to a source close to the lender. ...



Report: Death sought for Saudi over attack on German car

A state-linked Saudi newspaper says the kingdom’s prosecutors have asked for the death sentence for a man suspected of being behind an attack on a ...


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Iran Sanctions

Trump Mulls Squeezing Iran With Tougher Sanctions

The Trump White House is poised to ratchet up existing sanctions against Iran and is weighing a much stricter interpretation of the nuclear agreement between ...



Trump congratulates Erdoğan after Turkey vote grants sweeping powers

Donald Trump called to congratulate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hours after the Turkish president claimed a narrow victory in a contested referendum that will grant him ...


War in Yemen

Analysis: What’s Really at Stake for America in Yemen’s Conflict

Because there are actually three conflicts playing out in Yemen—all of which grew out of a civil war that began in 2015—it’s easy to get ...


Oman Succession

In Oman, a train-of-succession mystery: Who follows Qaboos?

The childless Sultan Qaboos, who used oil wealth to build the strategically placed nation into an important Gulf Arab player, has put in place a ...



Trump Administration Sees Bahraini Crisis Through Saudi Lens

Rather than pressuring Arab Gulf sheikdoms on governance issues, the new American president and his inner circle are determined to reassure US allies in the ...


Qatar LNG

Qatar Moves to Ensure LNG Dominance

Qatar is sharpening its competitive edge in the global gas markets with the lifting of a 12-year moratorium on development at its prized offshore North ...



How a Chinese investment boom is changing the face of Djibouti

A growing influx of Chinese visitors in the small East African nation of Djibouti convinced former fruit and vegetable trader Zhou Yi last year that ...



Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails begin hunger strike

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails began a hunger strike on Monday in response to a call by prominent prisoner Marwan Barghouti, widely seen as ...


Syria Strike

Perspective: Trump’s Decisive Move on Syria Puts China, Russia and World on Notice

The U.S. attack on the al-Shayrat airbase, from which the chemical attack was launched, has at least as much to do with realpolitik as it ...



Mosul Schools Reopen After Islamic State Occupation

For over two years, Islamic State controlled the Iraqi city of Mosul, including its schools. Now that the U.S.-led coalition has pushed the Islamists out, ...



How U.S. drones helped win a battle against ISIS for first time in Libya

A handful of drones controlled from the United States and a small force of offshore Marine aircraft played a decisive role in defeating Islamic State fighters in ...


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