Plans Move Ahead for Saudi Arabia’s ‘Fannie Mae’ Mortgage-Refinancing Firm

Saudi Arabia’s first mortgage-refinancing firm has started approaching banks to buy their mortgage portfolios as the state tries to boost lending for homes, Bloomberg reports.

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Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia pushes through pain of breaking oil habit

Saudi Arabia is one year into a plan to break its addiction to oil. It's been an uphill struggle so far. ...


Saudi Stock Exchange

Why Saudi Arabia’s MSCI bid matters and what it has done to get it

To revamp the economy and reduce dependence on oil revenue, Saudi Arabia is now seeking inclusion in MSCI Inc.’s emerging market index ...


Adel Al-Jubeir

Saudi Foreign Minister meets US Secretary of State and visits the US Congress

Minister Al-Jubeir met with Senator John McCain, Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee and his deputy Senator Jack Reed; Senator Richard Burr, Chairman of Senate ...


Saudi Change

A new social, economic and political climate emerges in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is going through extraordinary times. Economically, it is trying to reduce its dependency on oil. Politically, it is influenced by the vision of ...


Saudi Changes

Commentary: How the World Turns: Saudi Arabia in Transition

The latest changes illustrate not only the degree to which important components of the Kingdom’s reforms are underway. They also demonstrate that among the reasons ...


Mortgage Refinancing

Saudi Fannie Mae to Start Buying Mortgage Portfolios From Banks

The state-run company, created to develop a secondary market for home loans, will have 5 billion riyals ($1.3 billion) of its own capital and will ...



Saudi Arabia says close to major deals in $100 billion housing scheme

Saudi Arabia is close to striking deals with South Korean and Chinese firms under a $100 billion project to build 1 million low-cost homes over ...



Iran Denounces Saudi Refusal To Engage In Dialogue As ‘Destructive’

Iran has reacted to a rare televised interview by Saudi Arabia's deputy crown prince, accusing him of stoking tensions in the region with a "destructive" ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Exclusive: London tries to lure Saudi Aramco with new listing structure – sources

Currently most companies on the LSE have a "premium listing", which is required if they are to be included in the FTSE index. That requires ...


Women's Health

The Effect of Gender Norms on Women’s Health in Saudi Arabia

This paper explores the influence of gender norms on women’s access to, as well as quality and outcomes of, health care in Saudi Arabia as ...


Economic Planning

Saudi’s sale of Aramco helps develop domestic weapons industry

Saudi Arabia will spend at least half the money it raises by selling shares in the state oil company, Aramco, to develop domestic arms manufacturing ...



Saudi Aramco to dilute stake in Sadara Chemicals via IPO: exec

National oil firm Saudi Aramco plans to cut its stake in Sadara Chemical Co, a joint venture with U.S. company Dow Chemical, via an initial ...


Mishaal Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Head of Saudi Arabia’s succession council dies

Prince Mishaal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud was the brother of current ruler King Salman, and died on Wednesday aged 93, according to Saudi Press Agency. ...



Saudi Arabia to establish world-class orchestra for entertainment

The orchestra proposal, if given green light, will eventually lead to establishing a large instrumental ensemble accompanying musicians who will be able to perform in ...


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Arab Youth Survey

Survey: Young Arabs see UAE as role model; Middle East youth divided by access to opportunity

Unveiled on Wednesday in Dubai by Asda’a Burson-Marsteller, the ninth annual Arab Youth Survey trends from face-to-face interviews of 3,500 youth in 16 countries suggest ...



Iran: The Miracle That Wasn’t



U.S. State Department

Tillerson to Staff: ‘Approach This Effort With No Constraints on Your Thinking’

In his second address to his department since taking up his new job, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on his staff to forget what ...



Turkey Threatens U.S. Forces in Syria, as Putin Presses for Safe Zones

A top aide to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted Wednesday that U.S. commandos in northern Syria could be targeted by Turkish rockets if they ...



Algeria goes to the polls—why the United States and Europe have a stake in its stability

Algerians go to the polls Thursday for legislative elections. The country’s land borders have been closed to protect the process from terrorism and unrest. Algeria, ...


War in Yemen

UAE builds up Yemen regional army but country fragments

Since a Yemeni force trained and funded by the United Arab Emirates recaptured the southern port of Mukalla from al Qaeda fighters a year ago, ...


Global Migration

The 907,576 Refugees in the United States since 2002 and Where They Resettled

Each year, thousands of refugees flee persecution, war and other violence. See where they came from and where in the U.S. they resettled below. ...


Mosul Battle

Iraqis open up new front to retake Mosul from IS

Iraqi security forces say they have opened a new front in the operation against so-called Islamic State (IS) militants in western Mosul. ...



The UAE’s Defense Horizons

The UAE’s focus on its defense industry indicates its aims to become a more credible military actor by enhancing use of equipment and exporting arms ...


Turkey-Russia Relations

Putin: Russia-Turkey recovery process ‘complete’

Russia and Turkey agreed to boost economic ties on Wednesday as Moscow hailed improving bilateral relations following tensions caused by Ankara's shooting down of a ...



Afghan warlord Hekmatyar returns to Kabul after peace deal

Veteran warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has returned to the Afghan capital, eight months after signing a peace deal with the government. ...



Coal mine explosion in Iran’s north kills at least 21 miners

A large explosion struck a coal mine in northern Iran on Wednesday, killing at least 21 miners and trapping several others as rescue teams worked ...


Mixed-Use Communities

High demand seen for GCC ‘s mixed-use developments and communities

There has been an increasingly high demand for mixed-use developments and communities in the GCC, mainly the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. ...


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