Saudi Arabia’s Vice Minister of Economy and Planning Mohammed Al Tuwaijri Gives Interview to Bloomberg News

Mohammad Al Tuwaijri, deputy minister of economy and planning.
Saudi Arabia’s powerful vice minister of economy and planning Mohammed Al Tuwaijri gave an interview to Bloomberg News on Tuesday and discussed the government’s borrowing plans, infrastructure spending and how the kingdom still intends to balance its budget by 2020.

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Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s Al Tuwaijri Talks Bonds, Budget and Big Spending

Saudi Arabia’s vice minister of economy and planning, Mohammed Al Tuwaijri, spoke to Bloomberg News on Tuesday about the government’s borrowing plans, infrastructure spending and ...


Economic Reforms

Top financiers hear the Saudi economic ‘train’ approaching

“The whole Aramco process could take time but there are lots of other things going on apart from Aramco. There have been reports of up ...


National Transformation Program

Next Steps in the Saudi Overhaul Plan Put More Focus on Growth

The coming steps in the National Transformation Program will see the government spending on hundreds of initiatives related to the plan, which seeks to repair ...


Social Enterprise

Social enterprise to target youth unemployment in Saudi Arabia

Policymakers now admit that startups will have to be part of any successful economic reform. Vision 2030’s strategic objectives include boosting entrepreneurship, including through a ...


Vision 2030

Saudis fear Aramco flotation amounts to selling the cash cow

Saudis often liken Aramco, the kingdom’s state oil company, to a fat cow or productive hen.  In recent weeks the hashtag “Mohammed has sold the ...


Oil Supply

Saudi Arabia’s oil policy must take its inspiration from the Fed

Saudi Arabia will join other Opec oil producers on May 25 to decide whether to maintain production cuts or let them expire. Whatever decision they ...


Counter Terrorism

UN lauds Saudi Arabia’s efforts to counter terrorism

He commended the standard of care, the conditions of detention, and the medical and recreational facilities of the Kingdom’s detention centers and stated that they ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi signals first cut in crude supplies to Asian customers: sources

Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, has notified at least two Asian refiners of its first cuts in crude allocations for regional buyers since ...


Weather in Saudi Arabia

Weather warnings issued in Saudi Arabia and the UAE this week

Weather warnings have been issued in Saudi Arabia and the UAE this week amid strong winds and rough waves. ...


Call to Prayer

Saudi Shoura approves study on reduction of time between calls to prayer

The Shoura Council has approved a proposal calling on the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to reduce the period of time between the first (Adhan) and ...



Bomb threat causes panic on Saudi airliner

An apparently mentally unstable man caused panic among passengers on a airliner heading for Cairo from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday when he threatened ...


War in Yemen

Saudi Forces Find More Naval Mines Off Yemen

The latest mine sightings were off of Midi, a port on the Red Sea just south of the Yemeni-Saudi border. The Saudi military said that ...


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U.S. decision to arm Syrian Kurds threatens Turkey – foreign minister

The angry reply came a week before President Tayyip Erdogan is due in Washington for his first meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump, who approved ...


China in the Region

China’s Big Play for Middle East Oil

China's Middle East energy footprint has been expanding. In February, it made a deal for a stake in Abu Dhabi’s onshore oil. In March, Saudi ...


Social Media

Social Media Alone Won’t Improve Women’s Rights in the Middle East

It’s true that Facebook and Twitter are positive platforms for discussing social and political issues in the Middle East. Currently, in Egypt, a country of ...



A Pakistani General Steps Into the Middle of the Iran-Saudi Firestorm

Islamabad would love to keep its distance from Riyadh’s looming showdown with Tehran. But now, having backed away from Yemen, it’s sent a top general ...



Rumored US troop increase in Afghanistan draws praise, worry on Capitol Hill

Reports of a proposed significant increase in the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan brought praise from critics of the drawdown of forces in the ...


Special Operations Forces

U.S. Special Operations Forces’ Changing Mission in the Middle East

Special operations forces offer policymakers flexible, effective, and discreet ways to deal with the region’s complex conflicts, but many worry that overreliance on SOF could ...



Blockchain gains momentum in the Middle East

Blockchain is gathering momentum in the Middle East, as banks and government agencies in the region overcome their initial suspicions and embark on projects using ...


Six-Day War

How the Six-Day War Changed the Middle East

Egypt's disorganization and Jordan's outdated weaponry made it possible for Israel to dominate the battlefield. ...



Libya Civil War: U.S.-Made Airplanes Deployed by UAE

The planes offer fresh evidence of a clandestine proxy war in Libya, in which Egypt, the U.A.E., and Russia are siding with Haftar in a ...


Refugee Crisis

245 Feared Dead in Mediterranean Shipwrecks

The U.N. Refugee Agency says up to 245 migrants are missing and feared dead following shipwrecks in the Mediterranean over weekend. ...


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