U.S. Senate Scrutinizes Precision-Guided Arms Package for Saudis

A proposed sale of $500 million worth of U.S. precision-guided missiles to Saudi Arabia is coming under growing scrutiny from Congress, according to reports, as a key vote looms in the U.S. senate today.

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Saudi Private Sector

Talking to Saudi Arabia’s CEOs: 3 Key Takeaways

What many analysts are now terming the new normal for oil prices – somewhere between $50-60 per barrel – has had a dramatic impact on ...


Saudi Arms Sales

Trump faces growing Senate resistance on Saudi arms deal

The Senate bid to stop the Saudi arms sales — a small portion of what the White House claims will be a $110 billion package ...


Tehran Terror Attack

Iran attacks: Revolutionary Guards blame Saudis for Tehran attacks

Iran's Revolutionary Guards say Saudi Arabia supported ISIS in the deadly twin attacks in Tehran on Wednesday, an accusation likely to infuriate the Saudi kingdom ...


Qatar Dispute

How Saudi Arabia and allies strong-armed Qatar, blindsided U.S.

But to Qatar's neighbors the question was irrelevant: the comments reflected the broad lines of Qatar's independent-minded foreign policy, which critics say has destabilized the ...


Terrorism Funding

Trump praises Saudi Arabia: Video

President Trump thanked King Salman of Saudi Arabia, saying "they're going to be doing a great job" of stopping the funding of terrorism on June ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Perspective: Trump’s Saudi pivot is a golden opportunity in terror fight

The IWC communicates with the Digital Extremism Observatory, established in 2005 under the supervision of Mohammed Bin Salman, with the aim of monitoring and ultimately ...



Saudi-Led Squeeze on Qatar Leaves Hamas Facing Big Questions

Moves by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Arab states to isolate Qatar may have serious repercussions for Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that rules Gaza ...



WHO reports 3 Saudi hospital MERS clusters, new cases in UAE, Qatar

The World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday provided new details about three unrelated hospital MERS-CoV outbreaks that as of May 29 had infected 12 people, and ...


Oil Supply

U.S. Begins Importing Iraqi Oil After Saudis Cut Exports

New data from the Department of Energy suggests that during the first week of June, Iraqi oil entered the U.S. at the quickest rate in ...


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Qatar Dispute

With Qatar Hack, the Kremlin May Be Opening a New Front in Its Global Information War

Before Qatar was gripped in a diplomatic crisis, a fake video was slipped onto a government media site,  touching off immense political fallout. According to ...


LNG Markets

Qatar Still Has Many Friends in Energy Markets

After decades of worrying about Iranian interruptions to Gulf oil and gas flows, the new concern comes from an unexpected source. Fortunately, there is plenty ...


U.S. Oil Production

How New Tech Is Creating Another Oil Boom

The Texas Permian Basin has been producing oil for almost 100 years, but geological assessments show that even though billions of barrels have already come ...


Qatar Dispute

Trump offers help to resolve Gulf crisis

During the conversation, Trump highlighted the necessity of maintaining the stability of the Arabian Gulf and emphasised the importance of all countries in the region ...


Tehran Terror Attack

Terror in Tehran: Could attacks change Iran’s ISIS strategy?

The attacks on two potent symbols, parliament and a shrine to Ayatollah Khomeini, were shocking for Iranians. One result, says a Tehran analyst, will be to ...



Number of Potential Migrants Worldwide Tops 700 Million

After cooling off in the wake of the Great Recession, worldwide, people's desire to migrate permanently to another country showed signs of rebounding between 2013 ...


Six Day War (1967)

The Astonishing Israeli Concession of 1967

Israelis still vehemently argue over whether Dayan acted with wisdom or weakness. ...


Qatar Dispute

Qatar Standoff Tests China’s Neutrality on Saudi-Iran Feud

Talks this week on letting Iran join a Beijing-based cooperation bloc highlight the challenge China faces in trying to avoid taking sides in the Middle ...


Qatar Dispute

How the Gulf row is blocking China’s new Silk Road

Rift between Qatar and its neighbours could disrupt key projects in Beijing’s sprawling trade initiative ...


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