‘Epicenter X: Saudi Contemporary Art’ Show Hits U.S. in July to Challenge Perceptions, Share Saudi Culture

A U.S. exhibition featuring the works of roughly 40 Saudi Arabian artists aims to "share their expressions, foster conversations and challenge conceptions of life" in Saudi Arabia, the Associated Press reports.

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MSCI Inclusion

MSCI to announce emerging markets watchlist on June 20

Stock exchanges including Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul will learn next week whether they have been placed on the MSCI’s latest review list for inclusion in its ...


Qatar Dispute

Gulf rift bigger than air rights, can’t be resolved at ICAO

Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker this week said the closure was "unprecedented and it is in direct contradiction to the convention that ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi-led coalition confirms missile attack on UAE ship

The Saudi-led coalition confirmed on 15 June that Yemeni rebels fired a guided missile at a ship from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as it ...


Eid Al-Fitr: 2017

Eid Al Fitr holidays begin in Saudi today

The vacation for civil and military government sector personnel was previously scheduled for end of the working day of Monday ...


Saudi Art and Culture

US show of Saudi art aims to share ideas, test perceptions

A U.S. exhibition featuring the works of roughly 40 Saudi Arabian artists aims to share their expressions, foster conversations and challenge conceptions of life in ...


Saudi-Bahrain Causeway

New Saudi-Bahrain causeway to cost $4-5 Billion

Bahrain, with a population of 1.3 million, had 12.2 million visitors in 2016, up from 11.6 in 2015. An estimated 8 million came to Bahrain ...


Water Projects

Saudi government launches more than 100 projects worth US$ 1.3 bn

These projects include purification and pumping stations, as well as the expansion and upgrading of treatment plants and implementation and completion of projects and household ...



Saudi private sector growth falls to 6-month low in May

Saudi Arabia's non-oil private sector remained comfortably in expansion territory during May, supported by sharp expansions in output and new orders although in both instances ...


Foreign Military Sales

US lawmakers skeptical of arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon

Days after the Senate vote to block smart-bomb sales to Riyadh narrowly failed, members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee's Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade Subcommittee grilled the Trump ...


Shipping Yard

Saudi yard project moves forward

The yard, which is expected to be partially operational in 2019 and fully operational by 2022, will be the largest in the Middle East Gulf, ...



Anger in Berlin after Saudi driver who killed cyclist claims diplomatic immunity

The German foreign ministry has sent a verbal note to the Saudi embassy over the incident. Under diplomatic treaties, the German authorities can ask Saudi ...


U.S.-Saudi Military Sales

Trump keeps touting jobs spurred by Saudi deals. It’s not clear they’ll ever come.

a detailed review by The Times shows that only some of the deals have produced signed contracts, others may never be realized, and the primary ...


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U.S. Middle East Policy

Commentary: When there’s a quarrel in the Middle East, ‘let Rex handle it’

Partly, that reflects the White House’s deference to Tillerson’s decades of personal relationships in the gulf, and probably also its appreciation that the former ExxonMobil ...


China in the Region

Will China Play Peacemaker with Its Oil Suppliers Saudi Arabia and Iran?

In 2016, China-Saudi trade amounted to approximately $45 billion compared to $31 billion of China-Iranian commerce during the same period. In January, Saudi Arabia also ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

After Raqqa, How the US Must Adapt to ISIS

The last bastions of the Islamic State’s so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria – Mosul and Raqqa –could be liberated within months. But they will ...


Iran and the Region

From Tehran to Beirut: Shia militias aim to firm up Iran’s arc of influence

Ba’aj is now a foundation point of an Iranian plan to secure ground routes across Iraq and Syria and into Lebanon, cementing its influence over ...


Global Intelligence

What Spy Agencies Tell Foreign Governments About Americans

A new ACLU freedom of information request aims to find out, in concert with civil society groups abroad seeking similar answers from their countries. ...


Eid Al-Fitr: 2017

Eid al-Fitr 2017: First day on June 25 or 26

If sighted, the first day of Eid al-fitr will be observed on Sunday, June 25. Otherwise, it will be celebrated on Monday, June 26, in ...


Qatar Dispute

Products that Qatar exports to Saudi Arabia (2015)

What does Qatar export to Saudi Arabia? (2015) Data visualization of economic trade. ...



New US Russia sanctions bill riles Germany and Austria

Germany and Austria have sharply criticised the US Senate for tightening sanctions on Russia, accusing the US of threatening Europe's energy supplies. ...


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