VICE Video: ‘Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre’

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Crown Prince Succession

Saudi Arabia’s New Heir Leads Revolution of Powerful Millennials

While the elevation of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31, as heir to the throne this week caught the attention, some of his cousins and relatives whose ...


Qatar Dispute

Qatar row: Arab states send list of steep demands

Four Arab states have sent Qatar a list of 13 demands it must meet if it wants them to lift their sanctions. ...


Qatar Dispute

Qatari officer reveals role in plot against UAE and Saudi Arabia

A Qatari security officer has detailed his involvement in a plot to slander the leadership of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. ...


Saudi Arts

Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre: Video

There are no movie theaters in Saudi but there is strong content being created by Saudis in the underground filmmaking scene. ...



Saudi security forces kill ‘wanted man’ in Mecca: Arabiya TV

The gunmen, who are wanted for terrorism, exchanged fire with the security forces who surrounded one of the buildings in the al-Aseelah neighborhood in Mecca ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi Arabia gives $66.7 million in aid for cholera outbreak in Yemen

Saudi Arabia has announced a donation of $66.7 million to The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and their partners to ...



Undocumented Ethiopians trickle back home as Saudi amnesty deadline approaches

With a 90 day Saudi Arabian government amnesty deadline for illegal migrants to return home approaching its expiry date on June 27, 35,000 undocumented Ethiopians ...



What It’s Like to Be a Black Beauty Vlogger in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, there is an unspoken pressure to look a certain way and to confirm to certain ...


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Qatar Dispute

Washington’s Competing Priorities in the Qatar Crisis

The Trump administration has found itself with two core imperatives – unity among Gulf Arab allies and combating terrorism and extremism – that, in the ...


Qatar Dispute

Kuwait, Oman, and the Qatar Crisis

The ongoing Qatar crisis poses a major dilemma for Kuwait and Oman. Consistent with their “neutral” foreign policies, these two Arab Gulf states have maintained ...


Qatar Dispute

Turkey rejects call to shut military base in Qatar

Turkey rejected a call from four Arab states on Friday to shut down its military base in Qatar, saying the base was a guarantor of ...



America’s Best Partner in Middle East HUMINT Needs Help

Jordan’s spies set the standard for the boots-on-the-ground intelligence sharing that is crucial to U.S. counterterrorism efforts. ...



Perspective: This Is How Great-Power Wars Get Started

The present political dynamics in the Middle East are unsettled and kaleidoscopic. But in the interests of brevity, leaving aside smaller players, and before we ...



London mosque attack suspect charged with terrorism-related murder; Darren Osborne allegedly drove van into Muslims

British authorities have charged 47-year-old Darren Osborne with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder in connection with the van attack on a crowd of Muslim worshippers ...



“Cow economics” is killing India’s working class

“Even the third generation of Muslim brothers, whom I have seen since my young days, are continuing with their cycle-repairing job,” he said, referring to ...



Al Quds Day: Protesters burn flags and chant ‘death to Israel’ at annual rallies held across Tehran

Calls decrying Saudi Arabia and Isis mingled with the more traditional anti-Israeli and “imperial” American sentiment in the yearly 'Jerusalem Day' demonstration ...


Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ American Airlines investment exposes hypocrisy

Qatar Airways wants to buy a significant stake in American Airlines. American says Qatar expressed interest in acquiring up to 10% of the company, and ...


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