Saudi Arabia and Qatar Continue Standoff as Crisis Deepens

The diplomatic standoff between Saudi Arabia and Qatar continued to deepen yesterday as the respective foreign ministers of each nation sparred over the Kingdom's 13 demands of Qatar.

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Qatar Dispute

Saudi Arabia says no negotiations over Qatar demands

"We made our point, we took our steps and it's up to the Qataris to amend their behavior and once they do things will be ...


Chas Freeman

Qatar Crisis Could Lead to War: Veteran US Diplomat

The crisis over Qatar is a complicated thing with too many moving parts to be easily described. It is one of those situations that reminds ...


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi youth move? Why crown prince may struggle to win over young subjects

The naming of 31-year-old Mohammed bin Salman as Saudi Arabia's crown prince was more than a power play. It was a seismic generational shift. ...



Ethiopia asks for extension of Saudi amnesty deadline

Thousands of Ethiopians are still stuck in Saudi Arabia after a 90-day amnesty for undocumented migrants to leave expired on Tuesday, the Ethiopian government has ...


Saudi Foreign Policy

Abbas looks to new Saudi crown prince for Mideast initiative

Will a close relationship with the crown prince, who will one day succeed Salman, help the Palestinians raise funds, too? ...


Investment in Saudi Arabia

Why Investors Shy Away From Saudi Arabia

Falling oil prices and a region mired in conflict have made a new economic model more urgent than ever. ...


Abdul Latif Jameel

Who is Hassan Jameel? Rihanna’s new lover and Saudi businessman who’s heir to one of the world’s biggest firms

Hassan is the deputy president and vice chairman of family business Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic- who own the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi ...


OPEC Oil Output

Saudi and OPEC oil exports this month spell trouble for crude prices

Throughout the first six months of the output cut deal, exports have remained fairly robust. ...



Fluor Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Saudi Arabian Mining Company Ma’aden

Fluor Corporation announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) to support future Ma’aden projects located ...


Travel and Tourism

Wadi Hanifa: A desert oasis running through Riyadh

Once a waste disposal site, Wadi Hanifa is now a beautiful valley running a length of nearly 120 km from the northwest to the southeast ...


Crown Prince Succession

Saudi business cheers leadership shift, frets over reform, region

The promotion of Saudi Arabia's top economic reformer to crown prince has cheered business leaders who believe it will open up new opportunities. But they worry ...


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Global Opinion Survey

Poll shows U.S. tumbling in world’s regard under Trump

The international survey by the Pew Research Center found that favorable ratings of the United States have decreased from 64 percent of people across all countries ...


Syria Chemical Weapons

What’s behind the White House’s latest warning to Syria?

The Pentagon said Tuesday that the warning was prompted by unspecified activity observed at Syria’s Shayrat Air Base, the same base that the U.S. hit with ...


Yemen Civil War

WHO hopes Yemeni cholera outbreak is half done at 218,000 cases

A major cholera outbreak in Yemen may have reached the halfway mark at 218,798 cases as a massive emergency response has begun to curb its ...


Islamic State in Iraq

Iraqi military says it has retaken two Mosul neighborhoods from Islamic State

Iraq's military said on Wednesday it had retaken two more neighborhoods from Islamic State in Mosul's Old City, bringing it closer to total control of ...


U.S. Middle East Strategy

Cherry Picking Intelligence For War in the Middle East? Here We Go Again

The ingredients are in place for the United States to repeat a scenario that has cost us dearly in the past: the misuse of intelligence to muster ...



Iran accuses US of ‘brazen plan’ to change its government, violating UN charter

Iran is accusing U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of "a brazen interventionist plan" to change the current government that violates international law and the ...



U.N. Chief Makes Secret Bid to Win Release of American Detainee in Iran

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres is making a quiet appeal to Iran’s leaders to release an elderly American citizen detained on what the U.S. claims are ...



China launches new destroyer seen as challenge to Asia rivals

China launched its newest warship on Wednesday, a large guided-missile destroyer touted as the latest in naval technology and seen as a challenge to naval ...



Mysterious Shadow Brokers group re-emerges to taunt U.S. intelligence

The day after a particularly virulent strain of ransomware burst across the globe, the mysterious Shadow Brokers group has re-emerged to taunt the U.S. National ...


Human Trafficking

Child marriage will cost the world $4tn by 2030, researchers warn

Ending child marriage could add more than $4tn to the global economy, curb population growth and transform the lives of millions of young women worldwide, ...


Global Migration

At least 24 migrants die as thousands rescued in seas off Libya

Red Crescent volunteers recovered the bodies of 24 migrants on Tuesday that were washed up in an eastern suburb of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, as ...



Srebrenica massacre: Dutch soldiers let 300 Muslims die, court rules

Dutch soldiers acting as UN peacekeepers were partly liable for the deaths of about 300 Muslim men massacred near Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina during ...


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