New Labor Data from Saudi Government Shows Surge in Women in Workforce, High Expat Labor

Vision 2030 seeks to promote women's role in the Saudi economy.
More and more women are joining the workforce in Saudi Arabia, official data show, as the Kingdom looks to increase female participation in the workforce as part of its Vision 2030 economic and social reforms.

Saudi Arabia

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Qatar Dispute

Saudi Arabia receives Qatar’s response to the list of demands

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain will hold a meeting on Wednesday in Cairo to follow up on ...


Women in the Workforce

130% spike in Saudi women joining workforce; 11.1 million expats in private sector

Women now represent 30 per cent of the total Saudi work force in the private sector, up from just 12 per cent in 2011, the ...


Saudi Coffee Culture

Coffee Farms & Guest Rites: Saudi Arabia’s Unique Coffee Culture

Traditional Arabic coffee has a long history and great social significance – so much so that UNESCO has labeled it an Intangible Cultural Heritage. UNESCO ...


Laptop Restrictions

Saudi Arabian Airlines hopes U.S. will lift laptop ban by July 19: SPA

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) expects the in-cabin ban on laptops and other large electronics on direct flights to the United States to be lifted by ...


Saudi Economy

Saudi economy has to rise to the challenge in crucial second half

A midterm report card for the performance of the Saudi economy in 2017 would probably give top marks for effort, but would likely end with: ...


Foreign Labor

Saudi Arabia extends amnesty period for overstaying foreigners

Saudi Arabia has extended for 30 days the amnesty period for undocumented foreign workers there — a move that is seen to benefit more Filipinos ...


High Temperatures

Temperatures to reach 50°C in some parts of Saudi Arabia

The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) warned that starting today in the Eastern Province, temperatures will surpass 50°C ...


Eastern Province Unrest

Saudi soldier killed, three wounded in explosion: state media

A Saudi soldier was killed and three were wounded when suspected militants attacked their convoy in eastern Saudi Arabia, the interior ministry said on Tuesday, ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Arabia Focuses On Oil Exports: Drop It Like It’s Hot

Saudi Arabia's national oil company, Aramco (Private:ARMCO), expects sales to the US to fall below 1M in June, 850K bpd in July, and 750K bpd ...


Oil Exports

Saudi Arabia tightens its grip on Japan, its biggest Asian oil market

Saudi Arabia has boosted its market share in Japan, the world's top oil exporter's biggest Asian market, by selling more light crude to the country ...


UK Terrorism Funding Study

Inquiry needed into ‘Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism in UK’

Foreign funding for British extremism comes mainly from governments and state-backed foundations in the Gulf along with Iran, its study showed. ...


Aramco and Total

Saudi Aramco, France’s Total study mixed feed cracker: sources

Saudi Aramco and France's Total are considering building a mixed-feed cracker and derivatives in Jubail, near their joint refining complex, industry sources said. ...


Aramco and Hyundai

Saudi Aramco, Hyundai Heavy to make engines and pumps together

The manufacturing facility, which is expected to create over 650 jobs, will be at the site of a $5.2 billion shipyard which Aramco and partners ...


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Arab world nurturing start-ups as bedrock for future economy 

Compared to a decade ago there are more than a dozen venture capital funds that are targeting start-ups in the region ...


Qatar Dispute

Analysis: American Strategic Interests in the Gulf States: Looking Beyond the 48-Hour Deadline

The United States, its European allies, every southern Arab Gulf state—and Iran, Iraq, and outside Arab states—need to recognize that a collective effort is needed ...



Russia may deploy military in Syrian buffer zones within weeks

Russia may deploy its military to police the borders of planned de-escalation zones in Syria within two to three weeks after finalizing an agreement with ...



Judging Al Qaeda’s Record, Part I: Is the Organization in Decline? –

Yet there is also good reason to be optimistic that Al Qaeda’s decline is for real and might even be permanent. Al Qaeda maintains a ...


Laptop Restrictions

US laptop ban lifted on Emirates and Turkish Airlines

Emirates and Turkish Airlines have said the cabin ban on laptops no longer applies on their flights to the US. ...



Theocracy vs. Democracy in Iran: A New Round in an Old Conflict

Over the decades, the various sectors of the Islamic Republic have coexisted through a series of uneasy balances and power struggles. ...


Qatar Dispute

Qatar’s outlook cut by Moody’s amid Saudi-led blockade

Even as Qataraimed to ramp up its lucrative LNG exports in the midst of a tense diplomatic crisis, ratings agency Moody's has cuts the outlook ...


Qatar Dispute

Commentary: Turkey′s high-stakes game supporting Qatar

As the Saudi-led countries that blockade Qatar get together in Cairo on Wednesday, Turkey's involvement in the standoff is likely to impact on the region ...



‘Whoever Controls Benghazi Controls Libya’

Well into its fourth year, the war in Libya’s second city has buttressed strongman Khalifa Haftar and sent ripples through the region. ...


Renewable Energy Desalination

Morocco to be home to world’s largest renewable energy-run desalination plant

Morocco will soon be home to the world’s largest renewable energy-run desalination plant for drinking water and irrigation, following the signing of Phase One of ...


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