Saudi Aramco Releases 2016 Annual Review

The Annual Review for 2016, which is released halfway through the following year, takes on special significance as the Kingdom embarks on its Vision 2030 economic and social reform plans and moves toward an initial public offering of part of the company.

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Global Oil Markets

Saudi Aramco CEO says oil market could see inflection point, confirms IPO still on track for 2018

Oil market watchers are constantly fretting over the balancing of supply and demand. Many have focused on the supply dynamics since oil's drop in mid-2014, ...


UK Arms Sales

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia ruled lawful

UK government arms sales to Saudi Arabia are lawful, the High Court has ruled, after seeing secret evidence. The court rejected campaigners' claims ministers were acting ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco’s transformation is underway

What does come across loud and clear from the review is that Aramco is well on the way to transforming itself from being a traditional ...


Saudi Economy

Contraction in Saudi growth seen slowing pace fiscal reforms

Slowing economic growth in Saudi Arabia is expected to challenge the pace of fiscal reforms as the real GDP of the country contracted in the ...


Vision 2030

Perspective: Vision 2030 and the future of business in the Kingdom

The economic impact of the Vision 2030 is best understood in terms of three distinct arcs: Fiscal reform, portfolio management and economic expansion. ...



Kingdom to host G20 summit in 2020

The G20 declaration said that Argentina will host the summit in 2018, Japan in 2019 and Saudi Arabia in 2020. ...



Saudi stocks get a boost from retail, banking shares following Q2 profit, dividends

Shares of Saudi Arabia's United Electronics surged in early trade on Monday after reporting a quadrupling in its second quarter net income and its first ...


World Architecture Festival

Six Saudi buildings – most in Arab world – in running for global 2017 top slot

Among Arab countries, Saudi Arabia currently leads as the most shortlisted projects in the upcoming World Architecture Festival with six nominations. ...


Women's Health

Saudi private sector encouraged to set up fitness centres for women

Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council on Monday called for encouraging the private sector to establish fitness centres for women. ...



Saudi’s Sadara Chemical starts propylene glycol plant

Sadara Chemical Co, a $20 billion joint venture between Saudi Aramco IPO-ARMO.SE and U.S. firm Dow Chemical, has started production at its propylene glycol plant, ...



Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia flaunt wealth on Instagram

An Instagram account documenting the exploits of the moneyed elite of Saudi Arabia may just be the most extreme yet. ...


Manal Al-Sharif

Saudi activist jailed for driving says women ‘still being treated as slaves in 2017′

Manal Al-Sharif, who spent nine days in prison for flouting the ban in Saudi Arabia on women drivers, has spoken out about her ordeal. ...


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Qatar Dispute

Tillerson launches personal diplomacy in Persian Gulf dispute

After weeks of public statements and private phone calls with no apparent result, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has decided to personally intervene in the ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces declare victory over ISIS

Iraq’s prime minister entered the city of Mosul on Sunday to declare victory in the nine-month battle for control of the Islamic State’s former stronghold, signaling ...



Huge crowd rallies in Istanbul against Turkey’s post-coup crackdown

Addressing hundreds of thousands of people waving Turkish flags and banners demanding justice, Kemal Kilicdaroglu said his 25-day march from Ankara to Istanbul - culminating ...



UN says truce deal in southern Syria will help peace talks

The United Nations on Saturday welcomed the agreement struck between the United States and Russia for a cease-fire in southwest Syria, saying it would support ...


Qatar Dispute

How the Qatar Crisis Shook Up the World’s Supply of Helium

Largely for these reasons, the element is needed to use or make all sorts of things: semiconductors, rocket fuel, computer hard drives, the Large Hadron ...



A G-20 Summit to remember

The G-20 was formed in 1999 after the Asian financial crisis as a forum for finance ministers and central bankers to discuss ways to address ...



Official: GCC states ratify VAT framework agreement

The framework will set out the main rules governing the operation of VAT in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. ...



Abu Dhabi oil firm ADNOC catches regional listing bug

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is looking to float some of its services businesses and enter tie-ups with global investors to help it create ...


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