Tillerson Engages in Shuttle Diplomacy to Mend GCC Fences

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After failing to reach a breakthrough with the Saudi-led group of four countries that have cut ties with Qatar, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has returned to Doha to continue his shuttle diplomacy in hopes of putting an end to the weeks-long rift.

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Qatar Dispute

Tillerson shuttling back to Qatar with Arab rift unsettled

As crisis continues, Gulf states say counterterrorism deal signed between Qataris and US Tuesday does not go far enough ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

FCA proposes new rules that could attract Saudi Aramco IPO to London

The Financial Conduct Authority proposed on Thursday a series of new rules around stock market listings in the UK that could pave the way for Saudi state ...


UK Terrorism Funding Study

UK government declines to publish review on funding of extremism

The British government said on Wednesday it would not publish in full its report on the sources of funding of Islamist extremism in Britain, prompting ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Perspective: The United States and Saudi Arabia Have More In Common Than Mere Interests

The conventional wisdom in Washington has long been that the United States and Saudi Arabia have important mutual interests that sustain their bilateral relations, but ...


Yemen Civil War

UK sees improved Saudi targeting in Yemen

The Royal Saudi Air Force’s (RSAF’s) pre-planned targeting during its operations in Yemen complies with NATO standards. However, its dynamic targeting has not always been ...


Oil Exports

Saudi Arabia curbs oil shipments to United States

U.S. crude imports from Saudi Arabia averaged less than 900,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the four weeks ending on July 7, according to the ...


Oil Exports

Two Southeast Asian refiners receive Saudi allocation cuts for August

At least two Southeast Asian refiners have received allocation cuts from Saudi Aramco for crudes loading in August but other major buyers in Asia are ...


Physical Fitness

Saudi residents engaged in lesser physical activity than UAE and Qatar counterparts

Saudi residents were engaged in lesser physical activity compared with their Emirati and Qatari counterparts as they took fewer steps each day, researchers from Stanford ...


Women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Religious Police Want Help Studying Unveiled Women

Saudi Arabia’s religious police are hiring people to study unveiled women and people who don’t pray. ...



Saudi Arabia house fire leaves 11 foreign workers dead

Eleven migrant workers died from asphyxiation when fire swept though a windowless house they shared in Saudi Arabia, officials said. ...



Saudi Crown Prince Discusses Defense Ties With Turkish Minister

Saudi Arabia's defense minister, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, discussed military ties in a telephone call with his Turkish counterpart, Saudi state news agency SPA ...


Public Healthcare

Public Healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Plans for Private Sector Participation

Prospective private investors in the Kingdom’s public healthcare system should be encouraged by the latest developments as they show that the MOH is dedicated to ...


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GCC States Top Arab Countries in 2016 FDI Inflows

FDI inflows to Arab countries increased by 25% to reach $30.8 billion in 2016 compared to $24.6 billion the year before, the report added. ...


Global Hunger

Poll reveals 85% of Americans oblivious to hunger in Africa and Middle East

Low public awareness of food crisis in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen gives way to widespread concern among US citizens once informed ...


1953 Iran Coup

New Details on the 1953 Coup in Iran

In June, the State Department’s historical office finally released a new collection of documents on the US role in the August 1953 coup in Iran, ...


Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

The Middle East Is a Treasure Trove of Natural Wonders. Now It Has a Museum to Show Them Off

For a region with an international reputation for its history and natural wonders, the Middle East has a notable lack of museums showcasing them. This ...



Tesla Continues To Entrench Its Presence In The Middle East With A New Store

After opening its store in Amman, Jordan last May, American electric cars manufacturer Tesla is further enhancing its presence in the Middle East market with ...



Algeria’s population to reach 51m in 2030

Speaking at the inauguration of a symposium which was held at Algeria’s National Institute of Public Health, Hasbellaoui said that the country’s total population was ...


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