Recent Economic Data for July 2017 Points to Mixed Picture for Saudi Economy

The kingdom held $116.8 billion of Treasuries at the end of March, down 6 percent from a record $123.6 billion in January.
Growth in Saudi Arabia's non-oil private sector accelerated in July, albeit at a moderate pace, while the expansion in employment slowed, according to a Reuters report citing a Emirates NBD survey.

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Hajj 2017

Saudia flies 80,000 Iranian Hajj pilgrims

Saudi Arabian Airlines is flying more than 80,000 Hajj pilgrims from the Iranian cities of Mashhad, Ahwaz and Tabriz. ...



Saudi Arabia makes another move toward privatisation

The country’s cabinet created the supervisory committees (SCs) to work with the National Centre for Privatisation and Public Private Partnership (NCP),  which was established in ...


Desalination Plant

Saudi’s state power firm invites bids to build, operate water desalination plant

The project, to be located about 150 km north of Jeddah, the kingdom's second-biggest city, will produce 600,000 to 1.2 million cubic meters of potable ...


Red Sea Tourism Development

Saudi Arabia Red Sea tourism project to add $4 billion to economy

Saudi Arabia has unveiled an enormous new tourism project spanning more than 100 miles of its Red Sea coastline as part of continued efforts to ...



Saudi private sector growth accelerates moderately in July

Growth in Saudi Arabia's non-oil private sector accelerated moderately in July, although the expansion in employment slowed, a corporate survey showed on Thursday. ...



What comes next in Iran vs. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's King Salman is 81 and Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei is 78. What will the inevitable transition of power in these two influential ...


Iran in the Region

Commentary: Iran outflanking Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Iran's role in Yemen is likely to get more aggressive as the United States increases sanctions against Tehran. The Iranians see the United States and Saudi ...



How America Is Taking the Wind Out of Saudi Aramco’s IPO

Fracking’s effect on American oil and gas production is common knowledge at this point, but some of its impact on the petrochemical industry remains underreported. ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi Arabia is blocking fuel for UN humanitarian planes in Yemen, say officials

Saudi Arabia and its allies fighting in Yemen are obstructing deliveries of fuel for UN planes which are bringing some of the only aid into ...



Sadr orders followers to remove anti-Saudi slogans from Iraq’s streets

Moqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist Movement, has given orders to his followers to remove all the anti-Saudi images, slogans and banners from Iraq's streets, ...


Law and Order

Cat Killer Sparks Internet Craze, Police Investigation in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture released a statement Wednesday saying it was working with local security services in pursuing a man suspected ...


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Trump Says U.S. ‘Losing’ Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals

President Donald Trump has become increasingly frustrated with his advisers tasked with crafting a new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and recently suggested firing the war's ...



Here Are Iran’s Options as Trump Targets the Nuclear Deal

Ladane Nasseri and Golnar Motevalli ...


Iran in the Region

Exclusive: Iran Revolutionary Guards find new route to arm Yemen rebels

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have started using a new route across the Gulf to funnel covert arms shipments to their Houthi allies in Yemen's civil war, ...


Horn of Africa

A Dangerous Gulf in the Horn: How the Inter-Arab Crisis is Fuelling Regional Tensions

The Gulf crisis and the scramble for military outposts in the Horn of Africa are exacerbating regional tensions that risk triggering a conflict. In this ...


Alt ME

Middle East’s alternative music scene prospering at last

It looks as though 2017 is set to be a landmark year for alternative music in — and from — the Middle East. Several new ...


Labor and Immigration

Landmark Qatar Law to Grant Permanent Residency to Expats

Qatar, facing a Saudi-led boycott, approved a landmark law with the potential to ultimately transform Gulf societies by granting permanent residency cards -- and new rights ...



Global anti-drone market to reach $1.2B

The global anti-drone market will reach $1.2 billion by 2025, according to a forecast by market research firm Transparency Market Research. From $215 million in ...


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