Report: Saudi Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih Met With Top Commodity Hedge Funds

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Khalid Al-Falih met in private with some of the world’s top commodity hedge funds in July, a break from tradition in order to gather investor views on the state of the market, Bloomberg reports.

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Saudi Oil Minister Met With Top Commodity Hedge Funds

Khalid Al-Falih, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, met in private with some of the world’s top commodity hedge funds in July, taking the unusual step of ...


Living in Saudi

Commentary: You have more in common with Saudi women than you think

Even though what outfit I was allowed to wear had changed, I found that the girls had not. Saudi girls talked about the same things ...


Public-Private Partnerships

Rabigh water project ushers in new wave of private finance in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia plans to build a major new desalination plant north of Jeddah using private finance, as the Kingdom seeks to draw investment into big ...


Goldman Sachs

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs buys into Aramco $10 billion loan as it seeks IPO role

Goldman Sachs (GS.N) has bought a slice of Saudi Aramco's (IPO-ARMO.SE) $10 billion credit facility as it seeks a role in the historic listing of ...


Hajj: 2017

Al-Awwad: Qatari pilgrims welcome like every year

Al-Awwad stressed that the Qatari people are welcome this year (for Haj) like every year. Several corridors have been opened for Qatari pilgrims and they ...


Qatar Dispute

Gulf media unleashes war of words with Qatar

“Historically, Saudi Arabia has been conservative but this time it seems that the gloves are off,” says Awad al-Fayadh, a journalist working for Saudi-owned MBC ...


Eastern Province Unrest

Saudi man killed trying help citizens flee Awamiya: sources

Security forces have been trying for 2-1/2 months to flush out gunmen behind attacks on police in Awamiya, a small Shi'ite town of around 30,000 ...


Capital Punishment

14 Saudi Shiites accused of staging protests now face execution

Adam and 13 other Saudi men are facing execution any day now for allegedly staging protests in the kingdom. All from the country’s Shiite minority, ...



Shaybah: Going beyond excellence

But not too many people know that Shaybah’s uniqueness also lies in its Wildlife Sanctuary spread in an area of 637 square kilometers, making it ...



Find out about the largest gold mine in Saudi Arabia

Al-Duwaihi Gold Mine is the largest in Saudi Arabia, with an average production of 180,000 ounces a year, hosting more than 500 gold miners. ...



Saudi lobbying contract ended the day crown prince was deposed

SPG’s contract with the Saudi Interior Ministry ended on June 21, the same day Mohammed bin Nayef was ousted and just 38 days after it ...


Desert Rescue

Watch: Air Wing rescues stranded Saudi family from Dubai desert

A Saudi family has been rescued from the desert in Dubai after their vehicle became stuck in the sand. ...


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Russia in the Region

Perspective: Russia, Not the U.S., is Now Calling the Shots in the Middle East With Iran and Iraq

With the U.S. minimizing efforts to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iraq expressing weariness of the U.S.'s extended presence in its country, ...


United Arab Emirates

The UAE’s hunt for its enemies is challenging its alliance with the United States

As a vicious civil war erupted in Yemen two years ago and triggered international alarm, the United States warned the combatants to step back. But its ...



Trump is fighting with Congress over Russia sanctions. Putin is the real winner.

He’s also mad because the bill expressly constrains his authority to lift sanctions without congressional approval. In essence, Republicans are telling a president from their ...



Embassy, mosque attacks fuel fears ISIS bringing Iraq war to Afghanistan

Attacks on the Iraqi embassy and a Shi'ite mosque in Afghanistan have reinforced fears that Islamic State militants are seeking to bring the group's Middle ...



UNESCO: Aleppo’s Old City can be rebuilt

Aleppo’s Old City, shelled, burned and shot up during years of fighting in Syria’s civil war, can be rebuilt, the local representative of the United ...



Qatar’s foreign minister seals $6bn warship deal with Italy

Qatar has concluded an almost $6bn deal with Italy for seven warships, the Qatari foreign minister said on Wednesday, part of a military cooperation agreement ...


Yemen Civil War

US troops in Yemen not needed, nation’s US ambassador says

The brutal Yemeni war between the Houthi rebels and Saudi-led coalition is about to enter its fourth year and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula ...



Zarif’s Handshake with Saudi Counterpart Draws Mixed Reactions in Iran

The two top diplomats exchanged diplomatic pleasantries on the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic cooperation (O.I.C.) summit in Istanbul on Tuesday. ...



Hamas announces seven-point reconciliation plan

On Thursday, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced a seven-point reconciliation initiative with the Palestinian Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas in exchange for the cancellation ...


Torch Tower

Dubai’s Torch Tower catches fire — again

A blaze tore through Dubai's Torch Tower for the second time in two years as firefighters frantically worked to save the 84-story building. ...


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