Saudi, UAE Crown Princes Forged Friendship on Overnight Camping Trip in the Saudi Desert Last Year, WSJ Report Says


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Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia Builds Cities in the Sand to Move Beyond Oil

In the past month alone, the world’s biggest oil exporter has announced two major developments — one covering an area bigger than Belgium and another ...



New York wants Saudi Aramco and other Gulf IPOs: Top NYSE official

“We’re talking more now with Middle East chief executives than we were a year ago. If there is going to be a wave of IPOs ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Book, Above the Oil Fields

Ayesha Malik was born half a mile from Dammam well No. 7—the well that started the Saudi oil industry in 1938. She was raised among ...



Saudi Crown Prince and U.A.E. Heir Forge Pivotal Ties

The outing about a year and a half ago, equivalent to a round of presidential golf, was a turning point in the burgeoning friendship between ...


Bashar Al-Assad

Saudi Arabia still sees no role for Assad in Syrian transition

Saudi Arabia, a main backer of Syrian rebels, said on Sunday it still supported an international agreement on the future of Syria and President Bashar ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi Arabia accused of ‘disregard’ for human life by United Nations following air strike which killed 12 in Yemen

'Even wars have rules, and such rules must be respected' ...


Eastern Province Unrest

One killed, two arrested in Saudi anti-terror operation

Security forces killed one terrorist and captured two others during a security operation in Saihat in eastern Saudi Arabia. Primary reports say that the security forces ...



Meet Motawifs – Saudi religious tour guides for pilgrims from abroad

The role is traced back to Judge Ibrahim bin Zohayra in 1480 when he guided Sultan Al-Ashraf Qa’it Bay, the 18th Burji Mamluk Sultan of ...


Alwaleed Bin Talal

Billionaire Saudi prince to invest about $800 million in Egypt

Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal will invest about $800 million to expand the Four Seasons resort in Sharm el-Sheikh, in partnership with Talaat Moustafa ...


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Anti-AQAP Campaign

US puts boots on the ground in Yemen to attack AQAP

U.S. warplanes and a small number of ground troops are assisting in a “major operation” in central Yemen against the al-Qaida faction there, the Pentagon ...



Oil prices push lower as investors watch for news from OPEC meeting

The two-day gathering in Abu Dhabi will discuss members’ compliance level to the output pact the cartel inked with 10 other oil suppliers, including Russia, ...


GCC Economic Integration

Self-Imposed Barriers to Economic Integration in the GCC

Though intra-Gulf state economic relations continue to suffer as a result of the current crisis, there are long-standing barriers to trade and investment flows that ...



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Iran Nuclear Agreement

Commentary: How Trump can confront Iran without blowing up the nuclear deal

The intelligence community believes that Iran’s violations are minor and do not amount to a material breach. But the president’s view is that Iran is ...


Qatar Dispute

The Gulf crisis: Qatar’s 2022 World Cup moves into the firing line

A French investigation into possible corruption in business deals related to Qatar’s winning of World Cup hosting rights moved the 2022 tournament a step closer ...


Egypt Economy

Egypt’s Leader Makes a Risky Bet on the Healing Power of Economic Pain

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi is cutting food and fuel subsidies, a program long plagued by waste and corruption, in a high-stakes gamble to ...



Gulf-Backed Enforcer Charms Egypt, Hamas in Leadership Showdown

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar, whose eyebrows and beard were once shaved off by Palestinian security forces, listened quietly as the man blamed for his public ...



‘Hero’ T-shirt prompts court uniform rule for Turkey coup suspects

Suspects on trial over last year’s coup attempt in Turkey will wear a brown uniform during their hearings, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced, after a ...


Al Jazeera

Israel plans to shut down Al Jazeera office, says that ‘democracy has limits’

srael plans to shut down Al Jazeera's Jerusalem office, stop transmitting its broadcasts and strip the Qatar-based channel's journalists of their credentials, the country's communications ...


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