New Saudi Ambassador Prince Khaled bin Salman Gives Interview to Washington Post

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Ambassador Khaled bin Salman, who is a son of King Salman and brother of Crown Prince Salman, gave an interview to the Washington Post's Lally Weymouth which appeared in the newspaper today.

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Global Oil Markets

Saudi Arabia cuts crude oil allocations in Sept by more than its OPEC pledge

Saudi Arabia will cut crude oil allocations to its customers worldwide in September by at least 520,000 barrels per day, an industry source said on ...



Saudi Arabia to Allow Full Foreign Ownership of Engineering Firms

Saudi Arabia will allow foreign companies to own engineering services companies in full, without requiring them to partner with a Saudi-owned firm, the cabinet announced ...


Khaled Bin Salman

New Saudi ambassador to the U.S. sees ‘huge improvement’ in relations under Trump

Every country moves forward, and we are. The last two years have been a time of big change in our country. Human rights have been ...



Saudi security suspects give themselves up, MOI says

Three Saudi men on a list of 23 people wanted by the authorities over security offences have turned themselves in, the interior ministry said on ...


War in Yemen

Saudi-led coalition denies targeting family home in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen denied on Tuesday that it had targeted a home, after a health official said nine civilians were killed in ...


Smart Buildings

Expert: Saudi reinforcing smart building concept

Dr Mohanad Alshaikh, CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls, says that energy efficiency and conservation is an essential ingredient for economic growth and this can be achieved by ...


Date Festival

Saudi Arabia hosts world’s largest date festival in Buraidah

Qassim, which hosts the world’s largest date festival in Buraidah every year at this time, is swirling with activities, with date farmers expecting high sales ...


Aramco Films

Saudi Aramco – Era of Discovery (1984)

A 1984 documentary about the early history of Saudi Aramco, from the arrival of the first geologists in 1933 to the export of the first ...



Health worker among 5 new Saudi MERS cases

Saudi Arabia reported five new MERS-CoV cases over the past 2 days, one of them fatal, and three of the illnesses appear to be linked ...


Labor and Immigration

As Saudi amnesty deadline nears, undocumented Ethiopians return to uncertain future

As a twice extended Saudi Arabia amnesty deadline for undocumented migrants to voluntarily leave approaches, undocumented Ethiopians are trickling back to an uncertain future. ...


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Regional and related topics

U.S. Department of State

Veteran US diplomat to serve as acting assistant secretary for Middle East affairs

Veteran American diplomat David Satterfield is expected to become the new acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs beginning next month, replacing Stuart ...


Global Oil Markets

World Oil Trade Hinges on These 8 Vulnerable Chokepoints

Some of these eight chokepoints are so narrow that restrictions are placed on the size of the vessel allowed to navigate through them. Most chokepoints ...


ME Ride Sharing

China’s Didi backs Uber rival Careem to expand its global footprint into the Middle East

A week after its first investment in Europe, Chinese ride-sharing giant Didi Chuxing is spreading its wings once again after it announced a financing deal ...


Gulf Construction

Gulf construction sector becoming “creative” to secure funding

“As well as more traditional forms of financing, companies are now looking at a variety of options, including private equity players, specialist infrastructure funds, and ...



Trapped between Israel and Hamas, Gaza’s wasted generation is going nowhere

They are the Hamas generation, raised under the firm hand of an Islamist militant movement. They are the survivors of three wars with Israel and ...


Kurds and Turks

US-backed Kurdish fighters display heavy firepower in show of force to Turkey

Such displays of heavy firepower have not been common on the official YPG website. Most of the videos posted to the group’s official press page ...



As Turkey’s political divisions deepen, Syrian refugees in Istanbul worry about being caught in the middle

Erdogan has cast Turkey’s acceptance of the refugees as a benevolent project toward fellow Muslims — and particularly Syria, which shares a history with Turkey ...


Iran Selfies

Bad Selfie: Iranian Lawmakers Take Heat For Pictures With Top EU Diplomat

A group of Iranian lawmakers have come under fire for appearing too eager to take selfies with EU foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini while she was ...



Iran’s Forces Battle ISIS, Other Militants and Friendly Fire in Two Days of Action

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence announced Monday the arrest of 27 members of an ISIS-linked cell during a joint operation with an unnamed regional country. The ministry said ...


Yemen Civil War

War Crimes Expert Carla Del Ponte Resigns From U.N.’s Syria Inquiry

David Greene talks to former war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, who has announced she is quitting a U.N. commission investigating human rights abuses in ...


Qatar Dispute

Turkish troops hold exercises in Qatar

Qatar held joint military exercises with Turkish troops on Monday, Qatari media reported, showcasing their strategic alliance two months into a boycott by Arab neighbors ...


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