New York Reportedly Pulls Ahead of London in Aramco Listing Race for ‘Political Considerations’; Final Decision Rests with Crown Prince Mohammed

Despite a report in July that Saudi Aramco’s advisers have reportedly recommended London for the historic listing of the oil company, a new report now says Saudi Arabia favors New York in part because of the strength of the U.S.-Saudi relationship.

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Global Oil Markets

Iraq, Saudi Arabia express full commitment to OPEC balancing act

Oil production from Iraq and Saudi Arabia will remain subdued until the markets reach a target level that indicates a balanced market, leaders said. Saudi Prince ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia favours New York for Aramco listing despite risks – sources

Prince Mohammad may choose to list Aramco on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for "political considerations", given the longstanding relationship between Riyadh and Washington, ...


War in Yemen

Saudi-led coalition calls on U.N. to run main Yemen airport

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen requested on Thursday that the U.N. take control of the country's main airport in the capital Sanaa in territory ...



Why a controversial Iraqi Shiite cleric visited Saudi Arabia

In a move that surprised many analysts, Moqtada al-Sadr — a controversial Iraqi Shiite cleric and political leader — visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, late last month. ...


Abdulnasser Gharem

Abdulnasser Gharem: Making an island for Saudi artists

"Creating some form of understanding ... where someone coming to the exhibition who barely knows where Saudi Arabia is or has heard of it but ...


Eastern Province Unrest

Death sentences put spotlight on plight of Saudi Shia minority

The criticism surrounding Mr Sowaiket’s case elicited a rare statement from the Saudi justice ministry last week in which it defended the judicial procedures that ...


Phosphate Project

Fluor’s Phosphate Megaproject in Saudi Arabia Begins Production

Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) announced today that the Ma’aden Wa’ad Al-Shamal Phosphate Company’s (MWSPC) Umm Wu’al Phosphate Project in Saudi Arabia has started production of ...



Saudi singer arrested for dabbing

The Saudi Interior Ministry's National Commission for Combating Drugs recently banned the move because they consider it to refer to marijuana use. ...



Saudi Arabian Airlines refuses to fly passengers who show arms or legs

audi Arabian Airlines (also known as Saudia), the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, has warned passengers about the way they dress, stating that those who ...


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ME Heat

Iraq sends workers home as ‘ungodly’ heat grips Middle East

While Europe does battle with a heatwave named Lucifer, the Middle East is enduring a summer so brutal that even those accustomed to Baghdad’s searing ...



This is what a day with the Afghan air force looks like

The United States started to seriously put together the Afghan air force only in the past three years, just as the main contingent of NATO ...


Qatar Dispute

Perspective: Defusing a fight among neighbours

Their disagreements are serious. At the root of the dispute is a policy debate on how to deal with issues such as the various forms ...



Iran Finalizing Plan to “Counter America’s Adventurous and Terrorist Actions”

According to the text of the bill published today by the Islamic Republic News Agency, the legislation obliges the ministries of foreign affairs, defense and ...


Arab Americans

Islamophobia, political divisions threaten Arab American identity

James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, a Washington-based think tank, said the right wing’s attacks on Muslims and the effects of the Arab ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

FBI Says ISIS Used eBay to Send Terror Cash to U.S.

U.S. investigators uncovered a global financial network run by a senior Islamic State official that funneled money to an alleged ISIS operative in the U.S. ...


Trump Adminisration

Two top aides to Nikki Haley quit

Two top aides to Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, are quitting their positions, sources confirmed Thursday. ...


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