Qatar Restores Full Diplomatic Relations with Iran

Qatar restored full diplomatic relations with Iran early on Thursday and promised to send its ambassador back to Tehran – a move aimed to counter the demands of Arab nations like Saudi Arabia.

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China-Saudi Arabia cooperation to enter more fruitful era, broad consensus reached on key projects

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said here Thursday that he believes China-Saudi Arabia cooperation is going to enter a new era, being more robust, sustainable ...



Saudi Arabia signs cooperation deals with China on nuclear energy

Saudi Arabia and China are to cooperate on nuclear energy projects following discussions between the two countries this week on ways to support the kingdom’s ...



Perspective: Why change in Saudi Arabia is not as easy as it seems

Many outsiders and political analysts argue that the Saudi government is the one standing in the face of change demanded by its citizens. They assume ...



Qatar restores diplomatic relations with Iran, countering Arab demands

Qatar restored full diplomatic relations with Iran early on Thursday and promised to send its ambassador back to Tehran – a move counter to the ...


Cities of Conviction

Saudi artists find common threads with Utah

“The word ‘artist’ means someone who is liberated,” said Al Rashad, a Riyadh-born artist nearing the end of a six-week residency at the Utah Museum ...



Saudi budget carrier Flyadeal receives first Airbus 320 aircraft

Saudi budget carrier flyadeal has received the first of eight Airbus A320-200 aircraft, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) said in a statement. ...


Foreign Reserves

Saudi Arabia’s foreign reserves resume falling in July

Central bank data suggests Saudi government may remain under pressure to draw reserves down to cover its budget deficit. ...



Boeing receives $222.5M contract for Chinook helicopters for Saudi Arabia

The Boeing Co.-Philadelphia has received a $222.5 million modification to an existing contract for the delivery of eight CH-47F Chinook heavy-lift helicopters to the Royal ...


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Hurricane Harvey

Crude Oil: Hurricane Harvey Threatens The Gulf Coast Petroleum Complex

Tropical storm Harvey is now expected to become a major hurricane and make a landfall around the city of Corpus Christi on late Friday night or ...



Iran, Turkey move to re-establish role as regional backbone

Now that the wars in Iraq and Syria, from an Iranian point of view, are coming closer to an end, a common threat in Iraq’s ...



Perspective: Shoddy translation in the Western media is increasing nuclear tensions–again

Inaccurate translations, imprecise analyses, and poor reporting have long plagued discussion of Iranian nuclear affairs in Western, English-language media. Now, though, this kind of irresponsibility ...



Yemen’s Saleh rallies followers in Sanaa amid Houthi rift

Former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh rallied thousands of supporters in the capital Sanaa on Thursday in a show of force amid an unusual public ...



A ‘win’ in Afghanistan includes peace talks with the Taliban, say U.S. officials in Kabul

The two top U.S. diplomatic and military officials here sought Thursday to allay confusion and concern among Afghans about President Trump’s strategy for Afghanistan, stressing American ...



Syria war: UN urges pause in assault on IS bastion Raqqa

The UN has urged US-led coalition forces to suspend their assault on Raqqa, the capital of so-called Islamic State in Syria, to permit evacuations. ...



U.S Vows to Fund a U.N. Agency For Palestinian Refugees Israeli Leader Wants Shuttered

The Trump administration has pledged full funding to an oft-maligned U.N. relief agency for Palestinian refugees, defying calls by Israel’s Prime Minister and  pro-Israel lawmakers ...


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