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The SUSTG team wishes our readers and Muslims around the world a happy and blessed Eid season.

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Hajj: 2017

Hajj: Muslims Around the World Celebrate Eid al-Adha

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims made their way toward a massive multi-story complex in Mina after dawn on Friday to cast pebbles at three large ...


Women in the Workforce

Saudi Arabia edges more women into work

The government also no longer requires segregation in the workplace. Companies are able to hire women to work side-by-side with men as long as they ...


Saudi Tourism

Can Saudi Arabia Build a Popular Tourist Destination?

Tourism in the Middle East has long been dominated by the high-end resorts in Dubai, Egypt and Jordan yet they could soon have a new ...



American Giant’s Big Push In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is in the throes of a plan to shift the foundations of its economy away from its reliance on selling crude oil. The ...


Qatar Dispute

Ball Is in Qatar’s Court to End Gulf Standoff, Saudi Prince Turki Says

“The ball is in Qatar’s court, and they have to perform on that,” the former head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency said Friday in an ...



Analysis: The Hajj: An Expression of Saudi Power

The last time was in 1927, when Hejaz fell to the founder of the modern Saudi kingdom and father of the reigning monarch, Abdulaziz bin ...


U.S. Corn

US Grains Council : Saudi Arabia Nearly Doubles U.S. Corn Imports In 2016/2017

Saudi Arabia has nearly doubled purchased of U.S. corn this marketing year due to a combination of favorable government policy shifts, competitive prices and market ...



CNOOC receives first crude oil from Saudi Aramco for Huizhou refinery

Recently, the flagship Huizhou refinery of CNOOC located in the Guangdong Province was expanded from an original capacity of 240,000barrel per day (bpd) to 440,000bpd. ...


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Iran Nuclear Agreement

IAEA says Iran is complying with nuclear accord

The U.N. watchdog tasked with monitoring Iran’s ­nuclear activities certified Thursday that the country remains in compliance with a 2015 accord struck with world powers, ...



The 3 wars in Afghanistan

There are multiple interconnected and interactive wars in Afghanistan. They go back decades to the war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. U.S. strategy ...



Oman is benefiting from the standoff over Qatar, for now

THE Omani port of Sohar usually slows down during the summer. But this year it is buzzing. According to a government official, cargo volumes are ...


Russia in the Region

Russia hoping to boost arms sales after Syrian usage

Foreign customers, they said, have been particularly interested in the weapons that the Russian military have used in Syria. Moscow has waged an air campaign ...


Iran in the Region

Iran Expanding Influence in Syria, Despite Israeli Warnings

Assad’s commitment to the alliance with Iran has swelled as the current American administration has functionally abandoned the moderate Sunni rebels and partnered with the Russians on ...


Industry Attitudes

Movie and Energy Industries Spawn Most-Polarized Views

At a time when partisan differences abound in American public opinion, Gallup finds the images of U.S. businesses and industries are not immune: There is ...



US holds back $255 million in assistance from Pakistan, seeks pressure for Afghanistan

The United States will hold up $255 million in military assistance for Pakistan until it cracks down on extremist groups that threaten neighboring Afghanistan, officials ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Lightning Tal Afar battle tests US soldiers’ agility

During the grinding battle to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group, U.S. advisers to the Iraqis often settled in at tactical bases near the ...


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