Ambassador Prince Khaled bin Salman Phones Tex. Gov Abbott to Express Saudi Support after Harvey as Students Pitch In

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Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States Prince Khaled bin Salman telephoned Texas Governor Greg Abbott to confirm that Saudi Arabia supports the American people following the disaster of Hurricane Harvey.

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The great Saudi sell-off: why bankers and lawyers are flocking to the Gulf

Saudi Arabia is lining up a privatisation of state assets that dwarfs the Thatcher “revolution” of the 1980s, and rivals the 1990s dissolution of Soviet ...


Hajj: 2017

Hajj pilgrims reflect on the journey of a lifetime

After a grueling few days performing their rites on the plains of Arafat and sleeping under open skies in Muzdalifah, pilgrims enjoyed a moment of ...


Vision 2030

Saudi society is rigid, its youth restless. The prince’s reforms need to succeed

Overhauling the way that Saudis live is intertwined with changing how they work. Despite enthusiasm among many sectors in society, there is broad resentment among ...


Religious Tourism

Saudi Arabia seeks Islamic tourism boost in test for heritage, tradition

Pilgrims comprise the bulk of Saudi Arabia’s 20 million annual foreign visitors, apart from workers and business travelers. Nearly 2.4 million came for this year’s ...


Mobile and Tech

Sarahah: Saudi honesty app goes global with 85m users

"Sarahah is the digital equivalent of an old-school suggestion box," 29-year-old Tawfiq told AFP, adding that it is built on the premise that stripping users ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco makes gains from R&D ahead of listing

BMI Research, part of Fitch Group, has claimed that continued technological advancements offer a strong upside to Saudi Aramco’s profit, reserves and production capability, despite ...


Shale Gas

Saudi Aramco Gears Unconventional Gas Program

Saudi Arabia’s unconventional potential is also estimated to be 10 times the volume of the conventional oil and gas in the ground. For Saudi Arabia, ...


Hurricane Harvey

Saudi Aramco contributes to relief effort in Harvey-hit Texas

Saudi oil giant Aramco, which has operations in Texas, has joined in the relief and rehabilitation effort in the affected areas. Some 300,000 food rations ...



Saudi Arabia attempts to woo Iraq away from Iran

The Gulf's Sunni monarchies have had an uneasy relationship with Iraq in recent years because of both its invasion of neighbouring Kuwait in 1990 and ...


Oil Price

Aramco Raises Oil Pricing to Asia in Sign of Greater Demand

Saudi Arabia raised oil pricing for October sales to Asia, increasing its lighter grades for a second consecutive month, in an indication the world’s largest crude ...


War in Yemen

Saudi Arabia should fund all humanitarian aid to Yemen: WFP

Comments by David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme, were unusually forthright for such a U.N. official in criticizing one party in a ...



PM meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir

Prime Minister Theresa May held a meeting at Downing Street with the Saudi Foreign Minister and discussed a range of bilateral and regional issues. ...


Eastern Province Unrest

Saudi authorities complete clean-up of Al-Musawara

A total of 488 houses in the district have now been cleared including narrows roads and alleys authorities say posed risks to residents and provided ...


Global Oil Markets

Russia, Saudi Arabia discussed extending OPEC-led deal, no decision – TASS

Russia and Saudi Arabia have discussed extending an oil output cut deal between OPEC and non-OPEC producers but no specific decisions have been made, the ...



Saudi Arabian delegation to visit Tehran for first time after severed ties

A Saudi Arabian delegation will visit Iran for the first time after Riyadh severed ties with Tehran last year, Iran's foreign ministry confirmed on Sunday. ...



Marriott International : course to jump start hospitality career for Saudi nationals

Tahseen, a unique hospitality management development program focused on fast tracking next generation Saudi leaders, has been introduced by Marriott International with a view to ...


Trump Visit Gifts

These are the 83 lavish gifts Saudi Arabia gave to Donald Trump

The White House accepted at least 83 gifts from the Saudis during the official state visit. The information and details of the gifts were released ...


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Anti-ISIS Campaign

Battle for control in Syria: Maps

Islamic State has lost swathes of Syrian territory to separate campaigns being waged by Syrian government forces backed by Russia and Iran, and by the ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

ISIS fighters may have escaped to Iraq, despite U.S. promises to stop them

An Islamic State convoy stranded in the Syrian desert for five days has split up, and some fighters may have found their way into Iraq ...


War in Yemen

Perspective: Are Yemeni rebels imploding?

Sanaa is now divided between the two camps, with the Houthis holding about 70% of the capital and most of the north. More violence is ...


War in Yemen

Don’t leave Saudi-backed commission to probe Yemen abuses, U.N. says

The United Nations must take over responsibility for investigating rights violations in Yemen’s civil war as the country’s government is not up to the job, ...


ME Bond Issues

Middle East new bond issues to exceed $20bn ‘for remainder of the year’

New bond issues will remain high for the remainder of 2017, with estimates in excess of $20 billion, as a result of favourable market conditions, ...



Think About Transfer Pricing While Getting Ready For VAT

VAT is at the forefront of current tax reforms and soon to be a reality for many regional businesses, as it is expected to be ...


Marriott International

Marriott International tops Hotelier Middle East’s Power 50 list

Region-wide, Marriott International now operates more than 130 hotels across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with in excess of 41,000 rooms. It has ...


Hamad Port

New Qatar port aims to ‘break shackles’ of boycott

Qatar said Tuesday that a new $7.4 billion port would help to "break the shackles" of a three-month-old boycott of the gas-rich emirate by Arab ...



Taliban mimic American commandos in latest propaganda video

A recent Taliban propaganda video uploaded to the group’s official media site appears to show Taliban fighters mimicking the style and tactics of American commandos. The ...


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