‘NTP 2.0’ Keeps Key Policies and Privatization Plans in Place, Report Says

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Revision to Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Plan (NTP), dubbed 'NTP 2.0' that was released a year ago will keep key policies of fiscal reforms and a massive privatization program in place, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

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NTP 2.0

Saudi reform tweaks won’t affect key economic policies: sources

Ten ministries are to be involved in the revised plan, the document shows, down from 18 in the original. The new version boils the plan ...


Qatar Dispute

Saudi-led bloc stays tough on Qatar despite Trump offer

But in a statement early Friday, the Saudi-led bloc showed no signs of backing down as it questioned the Kuwaiti emir's statement that Qatar would ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Will Saudi Aramco deliver world record profit for next year’s IPO?

Yet a simple calculation using globally accepted ratios for Aramco’s peers - enterprise value versus core earnings (EV/EBITDA) - shows the Saudi firm has to ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Arabia plans to cut crude oil allocations in Oct by 350,000 bpd

Saudi Arabia will cut crude oil allocations to its customers worldwide in October by 350,000 barrels per day (bpd), an industry source familiar with Saudi ...


Women's Rights

Saudi sports reforms give girls in the kingdom a running start

This week means “back-to-school” for millions of students across the globe. In Saudi Arabia, where the new schoolyear begins on September 10, girls have a particular ...



Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Tours Boeing Fighter Aircraft in St. Louis

His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States toured Boeing Defense Space & ...


Women in the Workforce

Saudi Labor Ministry: Number of women working in retail reaches 200,000

A report released by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in revealed that the number of Saudi female workers in the retail sector reached ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Aramco IPO: UK law could make listing go to New York, US instead of London

A dual listing on its home stock exchange and an international one are expected. The main cities in the running are London, New York, Hong ...



Saudi youth remix traditional rhyming art

The sight reflects a new trend among Saudis who, after years of listening to more refined music composed by well-known Saudi or Gulf musicians and ...


Saudi Football

World Cup place tipped to spur social football leagues across Saudi Arabia

World Cup qualification for Saudi Arabia is set to drive demand for football leagues across the Kingdom, according to the co-founder of Dubai-based Duplays. ...


Russia in the Region

Even the Saudis Are Turning to Russia as Assad’s Foes Lose Heart

The Saudis hosted a meeting of Syrian opposition factions last month, pushing for an accord between hardline anti-Assad groups and others less insistent on his ...



The Saudis may be stretching out the hand of peace to their old foes

Change may be afoot in Saudi Arabia’s hostile relations with Shias and their champion, Iran. ...


Foreign Policy

What’s Behind Saudi Arabia’s Turn Away From the Taliban?

Saudi Arabia’s increasingly anti-Taliban stance helps Riyadh consolidate its vital regional alliances and isolate Qatar. ...


Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee

Key pro-Saudi player in Gulf spat registers as foreign agent

A U.S.-based nonprofit that has been running a sprawling media campaign against Qatar as part of an ongoing feud among Persian Gulf countries has now ...


Poultry and Products

Saudi Arabia: Poultry and Products Annual

The reduction in broiler meat consumption this year is due mainly to the departure of several thousand expats from the Kingdom. Total Saudi broiler meat ...


Solar Power

UL teams with GCC Laboratories in Saudi Arabia

UL said that its regional base operating out of offices in Dubai with its new, state-of-the-art lab facility in Abu Dhabi would collaborate in a ...



Iran Wants to Talk Muslim World Problems With Saudi Arabia, but Kingdom Demands ‘Change’ First

The top Saudi diplomat dismissed the possibility of rekindling ties between the two nations, saying that Iran would first need to rework its foreign policy ...


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U.S. State Department

Senate Panel Rejects Trump Plan for Cutting Foreign Assistance

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved $51 billion for the State Department, foreign operations, and related programs in its 2018 appropriations bill — almost $11 billion ...


Oil Price

Oil steady as Irma heads for Florida, Saudi Arabia cuts supply

Oil prices steadied on Friday after almost a week of sharp rises as Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful storms in a century, drove ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

ISIS’ retreat accelerates, but its demise is exaggerated

Syrian troops broke ISIS' three-year siege of Deir Ezzor -- a strategic city in the eastern part of the country -- on Tuesday, marking the ...


2018 World Cup Qualifying

Iranian-Syrian World Cup qualifier ripples far beyond the pitch

In doing so, the match has achieved in Syria what neither the Syrian government or the opposition have been able to accomplish: a momentary sense ...


ME Water

On top of everything, Will the Middle East run out of Water?

A country is water stressed when it cannot provide the minimum water supply to satisfy the essential needs of its population. This is set by ...



China, Pakistan take swipes at Trump’s Afghan policy

The top diplomats from China and Pakistan took swipes at President Donald Trump's newly unveiled Afghanistan policy on Friday as they called for new talks ...


Cyber Security

Nations That Hack the U.S. Could Face ‘Real World’ Consequences, Homeland Security Adviser Warned

White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert suggested the U.S. government may dole out “real world” punishment to nation-states that hack federal systems or violate ...


Middle East Peace

Trump sees ‘chance’ for peace in Middle East 

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he believes there is a "chance" for a Middle East peace settlement, long one of the most elusive goals ...


Ford Fraker

Ambassador Ford M. Fraker Passes

Ambassador Fraker served as U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 2007 to 2009, spanning both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama ...


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