PIF $2.7b Bet on Entertainment an Investment Toward a ‘Vibrant Saudi Society’

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Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) announced on September 20 that it is setting up a new company to invest in the entertainment sector, as the Kingdom looks to achieve a more vibrant society - a stated goal of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

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Soft Bank Vision Fund

Soft Bank Vision Fund: The tech firms it has backed so far

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Saudi Minister Says Detainees Were ‘Pushing an Extremist Agenda’

A Saudi crackdown on prominent citizens who had been critical of the government targeted people who "were pushing an extremist agenda" and took funding from ...


Qatar Crisis

Solution to Qatar crisis will be from the Gulf, says Saudi FM

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Thursday that the solution to the ongoing Qatari crisis would be a Gulf one. ...


Internet Call Services

Saudi is lifting Skype, WhatsApp ban, but will censor calls

The Saudi government is lifting a ban on calls made through online apps on Thursday but will monitor and censor them, a government spokesman said. ...



The Fun Starts Now: Saudi Government Launches $3 Billion Investment Drive In Entertainment Sector

Last year it set up the General Authority for Entertainment, which is responsible for developing the entertainment sector. In February this year the country's first ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Aramco May Unveil Financials In Early 2018

Even though Saudi Arabia’s advisors are favoring London over New York to host the IPO, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and the Saudi government ...


Technology Investment

Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women is a barrier for technology investment

Specifically they want to know about the role of women in the desert kingdom, says Abdullah Al-Swaha, the Saudi minister of communication and information technology. ...



Saudi e-commerce market to double to $22 billion by 2020

By 2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce market is set to more than double to $22 billion, the second-highest in the Middle East, according ...



Saudi Arabia to test Tehran’s influence in Iraq

But after years of being the dominant regional player in Iraq, it is suddenly facing competition for influence from Saudi Arabia, a US ally and ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudis tout humanitarian record in Yemen amid Washington backlash

Saudi Arabia dispatched its top humanitarian aid official to Washington this week amid a growing US backlash against the kingdom’s war in Yemen. ...


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Investing in Private Healthcare institutions and Pharmaceutical establishments in Saudi Arabia

Healthcare is one of the most promising sectors for investors in Saudi Arabia and is estimated to be growing at 5% per annum. This growth ...


Saudi National Day

Saudi to allow women into stadium for national day

Saudi Arabia has invited women to a sports stadium for the first time to attend annual national day celebrations with their families, state media said ...



Saudi Arabia pens deal with the UK over defence cooperation

Mr Fallon said the agreement would help Saudi Arabia better protect her national security, including through counter-terrorism, intelligence and training. “This Agreement further cements the ...


Renewable Energy

Saudi solar farm owner defends renewable subsidies

The owner of the Moree solar farm has defended the project amid a furious debate over the scale of the subsidies being offered to renewable ...


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