Saudi-based Restaurant Management Startup Raises $4m

A restaurant management startup in Saudi Arabia has raised a $4m Series A investment as the Kingdom sees signs of life for new small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Unaizah Date Market

Hot Dates in the Saudi Desert

Most storylines about Saudi Arabia center around the kingdom’s deep social conservatism, vast oil wealth, or geopolitical machinations in the greater Middle East. Yet to ...



Russia And Saudi Arabia Are Becoming Unlikely Allies

Now, Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of the industry cartel, is venturing to deepen political ties with Russia directly, based on mutual interests over ...



Saudi sees sharp rise in foreign projects in the country

In a statement to mark Saudi Arabia’s 87th National Day, the minister of commerce and investment Majid Al-Qassabi said on Saturday that the Kingdom has ...


Raja Moharrak

TAG Heuer Signs Saudi Mountain Climber Raha Moharrak

Back in February, supermodel Bella Hadid was announced as the celebrity face of TAG Heuer. And it seems the 20-year-old star is in great company ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi finance minister tells bond investors Aramco IPO to go ahead in 2018

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan told bond investors during a presentation on Monday that the initial public offering (IPO) of Saudi state oil giant Aramco ...


Women in the Workforce

Over 159,000 Saudi women employed in wholesale and retail sector in 2016

Riyadh region topped other regions in employing female workers in private sector firms, which employed 28 percent of the total throughout the Kingdom, the report ...



Saudi Ministry of Housing launches series of programmes and initiatives

The directives from the ministry are aimed at giving citizens the opportunity to own properties, improve the performance of the real estate sector and increase ...


Hate Speech in Saudi Arabia

Study finds Saudi government still tolerates hate speech

The Saudi government continues to tolerate hate speech by some clerics against minority groups while public school textbooks in the kingdom still include language that ...



New Saudi budget carrier sold 10,000 tickets in 24 hours: Report

Flyadeal began operations on Saturday, flying its first route from Riyadh to Jeddah and bookings through October are "very solid" Corfiatis told Air Transport World ...


National Day

Saudi Arabia: Backlash after women celebrate National Day

Although the events were heavily promoted by state media, social media reaction was more polarised. Despite thousands of messages in support of the national show of ...


Saudi Fund for Devellopment

Saudi government finances 609 projects worth over US$13.6 bn

Saudi government has financed a total of 609 projects worth more than SR51 billion ($13.6 billion) in 82 countries across the globe through the Saudi ...



Saudi restaurant management start-up raises $4m

Saudi-based restaurant management system start-up, Foodics, raised $4 million during its Series A funding round. ...


Yoda in the News

How Yoda toppled a Saudi Education Ministry undersecretary

After the publication of the wrong picture of showing Saudi Arabia’s late King Faisal with Star Wars character Yoda, the kingdom’s Minister of Education Ahmed ...


U.S.-Saudi Military Sales

USAF Selects S&K Aerospace for $559M Saudi F-15 Aircraft Program Support

S&K Aerospace has won a potential $559 million contract from the U.S. Air Force to support an F-15 fighter aircraft program of Saudi Arabia’s air force. ...


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Iraqi Kurds Vote for Independence Over U.S. Objections

Iraqi Kurds were predicted to vote overwhelmingly for independence Monday in a non-binding referendum which Baghdad decried as illegal and that spooked much of the ...


Iraqi Kurdistan

Iran’s leaders opposed Kurdish independence vote in Iraq. Iran’s Kurds celebrated on the streets.

Nearly every Middle East government was opposed to Monday's vote for independence in the Kurdish region of Iraq. But not so just across the border ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

European ambassadors to U.S. back Iran nuclear pact

The ambassadors to Washington from Britain, France, Germany and the European Union all strongly backed the international nuclear agreement with Iran on Monday, as long ...


Global Oil Markets

Navigating the New Oil Era

The prevailing industry narrative now sees $50-60/bbl as the new normal through the end of the decade, and possibly longer. ...



Contractors Accuse Iraq of Shake Downs to Force Tax Payments

American military contractors operating in Iraq are accusing Baghdad of employing strong-arm tactics to make them pay exorbitant income taxes, a practice they've warned the ...


Iran in the Region

Tehran Seeks to Consolidate Power in Iraq in 2018

With fewer and fewer Iraqi cities under IS control, Iran has some clear objectives in Iraq in the immediate future. At minimum, Tehran wants Iraq ...



American who made Yemen home abducted in Sanaa: family

Unidentified gunmen kidnapped a 63-year-old American, who has lived in Yemen for more than two decades, in the rebel-held capital Sanaa over the weekend, his ...


Iraqi Oil Shipments

Changing Iraqi crude flows

While Asia remains a key focus for Iraq, flows to the US continue to surpass year-ago levels. Imports so far this year are averaging 580,000 ...


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