Saudi Arabia’s PIF Takes Charge of $5b Jeddah Corniche Redevelopment to create “New Downtown”

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) has announced it will lead the redevelopment of Jeddah’s waterfront corniche, creating a "unique tourist, residential and commercial destination" that aims to become the “New Jeddah Downtown."

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International Bond Sale

Saudi Arabia Raises $12.5 Billion From Dollar Bond Offering

The world’s biggest oil exporter returned to the dollar-bond market as investment-grade borrowing costs relative to U.S. Treasuries remain historically cheap. The kingdom raised $9 ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Many hail Saudi Arabia’s move to let women drive

Saudi leaders also hope the new policy will help the economy by increasing women's participation in the workplace. Many working Saudi women spend much of ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Saudi driving decree is a profoundly emotional moment for the kingdom

The circumstances surrounding the historic move suggest that a new drive for reform is underway, and it is real. Clerics who once thought they had ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Bergen: Saudi women driving a sign bigger change is coming

Women driving themselves aren't just symbolic -- they're also part of a larger social transformation going on in Saudi society that is arguably the most ...


Women's Rights

For most Saudi women, driving isn’t the biggest issue

Of all the subjects that I've covered in reporting on Saudi Arabia down the years, the one I've spent most time on is women's rights: ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Carmakers Welcome Arrival of Saudi Women Behind the Wheel

The arrival of women drivers could lift Saudi car sales by 15-20 percent annually, leading forecaster LMC Automotive predicts, as the kingdom’s “car density” of ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Saudi Arabia’s newest drivers unlikely to boost gasoline demand

Saudi gasoline demand is already considerable. In April, consumption reached 622,000 b/d, its second highest level on record, according to the Riyadh-based Joint Organizations Data ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Aramco listing reshapes Saudi Arabia’s OPEC oil policy

“Saudi Arabia is now the main price hawk,” said a high-level OPEC source. He added he was surprised how quickly the kingdom shifted from its ...



Investors Brace for FTSE Verdict on S. Arabia and Kuwait

FTSE Russell is set to announce over the weekend in the Middle East if it will add Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to its list of ...


Embassy Spokeswoman

Saudi Arabia appoints Fatimah Baeshen as kingdom’s first spokeswoman

Former socioeconomic strategist and a director of the Arabia Foundation, Saudi national Fatimah S. Baeshen tweeted her new position as the kingdom announced that it was abandoning its driving ...


Jeddah Redevelopment

Saudi Public Investment Fund to lead redevelopment of Jeddah’s waterfront corniche

The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has announced it will lead the redevelopment of Jeddah’s waterfront corniche, creating a unique tourist, residential and commercial destination, ...


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Kurdish Referendum

Iraq Says Turkey Backs Baghdad in Feud Over Kurd Oil Exports

Iraq said Turkey agreed to deal exclusively with its central government over exports of Kurdish crude oil, a step that could disrupt shipments from the ...


Russian Meddling

Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram

Sources confirmed that the imposter account bought Facebook advertisements to reach its target audience. It promoted political rallies aimed at Muslim audiences. And it used ...


Afghanistan Policy

LWJ Map Assessment: Taliban controls or contests 45% of Afghan districts

“Taliban Control in Afghanistan” is a mapped assessment of districts controlled and contested by the Taliban. FDD’s Long War Journal estimates the Taliban currently controls ...


Russia in the Region

Russia says general killed in Syria held senior post in Assad’s army

A Russian general killed in Syria had been seconded to the Syrian government as a military commander, Russia’s military chief of staff said on Wednesday. Moscow ...


War Crimes in Syria

Why Syria’s war criminals could get away with it

Locked inside a safe at the U.N. High Commissioner’s office in Geneva is a list of alleged war criminals involved in the Syrian conflict. The ...



UK imam who preached support for Isis jailed for six and a half years

A British imam who told children that martyrdom was better than academic success has been jailed for six-and-a-half years for supporting Islamic State. Kamran Hussain, 40, ...


Costs of War

Here’s How Much of Your Taxes Have Gone To Wars

As of Monday, the average American taxpayer will have paid nearly $7,500 to fund the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria since the 9/11 attacks, ...



Summer best time to back out of OPEC deal, Russia says

Russian news agency Tass reported Monday it was told by "a high-ranking source" within OPEC the consensus so far was mixed on extending the arrangement ...



Yemen Houthis say US citizen kidnapped by unknown gunmen

emen's Houthi forces denied detaining a U.S. citizen and said he had been kidnapped by unknown gunmen in the capital Sanaa, a statement from the ...


UAE in Yemen

U.S.​ ​Arms​ ​Transfers​ ​to​ ​the​ ​UAE​ ​and​ ​the​ ​War​ ​In​ ​Yemen

UAE troops, working with militias it trains, arms, and commands, have been fighting on two fronts in Yemen, against an alliance between Houthi rebels and ...


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