Saudi Economy Contracts as Production Cuts, Reforms Begin

The cities of Jubail and Yanbu Alsnaaatan testament to the durability of the expansion of the Saudi economy1
Saudi Arabia’s economy contracted by 1.03 percent in the second quarter of this year following a 0.5-percent contraction in the first quarter, according to reports, as participation in the OPEC oil production cut and disappointing growth in non-oil industries weighed on the economy.

Saudi Arabia

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Driving Ban Lifted

End of Saudi Driving Ban Removes Key Roadblock for Women

The royal decree announcing a rollout to permit women driving by June 2018 provides the best indication yet that the Saudi leadership intends to seize ...


Driving Ban Lifted

To This Saudi Startup, Allowing Women To Drive Is A Game Changer

Unsurprisingly, Saudi Arabia has the largest gender imbalance in labor force participation among G20 countries. Only 1.9 million of its 13.1 million women participate in ...


Women Driving

Even in Saudi Arabia, Women Are in the Driving Seat When it Comes to Buying a Car

The announcement last week that Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has lifted the ban on women driving doesn’t mean that females have had no real say ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Driving force: 3 best ways for Gulf marketers to target Saudi women

This move opens up a whole new segment of customers – something that becomes all the more significant when one considers that women make up ...


Tourism Development

Richard Branson: Saudi Arabia says he’ll invest in Red Sea resort

"Branson has become the first international investor to commit to involvement in the Red Sea Project and nearby , another prime site for the ...



Saudi Arabia to Plan Russia Deals, Deepening Energy Ties

Saudi Arabia is looking at unprecedented deals to acquire oil and gas assets in Russia, deepening ties between the world’s largest energy exporters as the ...



Saudis See Economy Shrink In Spite Of Higher Oil Prices

Saudi Arabia’s economy contracted by 1.03 percent over the second quarter of the year, after a 0.5-percent contraction in the first quarter. The pace of ...



Saudi unemployment 12.8% in 2Q 2017

Saudi unemployment in the second quarter of 2017 stood at 12.8 percent, according to the General Authority for Statistics. The unemployment rate was 7.4 percent for ...


Religious Tourism

Saudi Arabia reveals massive push to drive pilgrim tourism

The fund said that the new companies would help the Kingdom accommodate between 25 million to 30 million pilgrims a year. The companies will develop ...



Investcorp eyes businesses linked to Aramco, Saudi healthcare

Bahrain-listed Investcorp aims to invest in companies that support oil giant Saudi Aramco and is also eyeing healthcare and education assets being sold in Saudi ...


Saudi Football

Saudi Crown Prince to make Saudi league games free of charge

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, told the General Authority for Sport to make the Saudi league games free of charge to ...


Technology Investment

General Electric Hosts Its First Industrial IoT Hackathon In Saudi Arabia

General Electric (GE) hosted its first Industrial internet of things Hackathon using large data to improve healthcare in Saudi Arabia. ...


Aramco Fire

World’s Biggest Oil Company Promised Expats Idyllic Lifestyle—Then Fire Erupted

The Wall Street Journal assembled this account based on confidential Aramco documents and interviews with more than 30 Aramco employees, firefighters, emergency personnel and survivors ...


Islam Abroad

Belgium withdraws residence permit of extremist Saudi imam

Brussels' Grand Mosque, which was leased to Saudi Arabia for 99 years in the 1960s as part of an energy deal, has faced repeated accusations ...


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Iran Nuclear Agreement

Can Congress avoid blowing up the Iran deal?

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated that he won’t find Iran to be in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal later this month. If ...


Russia in the Region

Putin Is Filling the Middle East Power Vacuum

The Israelis and Turks, the Egyptians and Jordanians -- they’re all beating a path to the Kremlin in the hope that Vladimir Putin, the new ...


Qatar Dispute

Survey: Qatari Public Wants Compromise, Not Iran’s Help

As the crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain enters its fourth month, a timely, publicly available independent political ...


North Korean Weapons Sales

A North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with a huge cache of weapons destined for a surprising buyer

Even as the United States and its allies pile on the sanctions, Kim continues to quietly reap profits from selling cheap conventional weapons and military ...


Global Oil Markets

Gulf states raise fuel prices

The UAE, Oman and Qatar have increased domestic oil prices for the month of October. The move is prompted by the increase in world oil prices ...



Israel arrested 14,000 Palestinians since 2015

Israeli occupation forces have arrested 14,000 Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories since the start of the Jerusalem Intifada in October 2015, according to a ...


Iran in the Region

The Roots and Evolution of Iran’s Regional Strategy

The issue brief concludes that, in addition to core realpolitik, Iran’s policies are driven by its view of itself as an inheritor of the Persian ...


ME Refugees

UNHCR – Millions of refugees at risk in the Middle East as winter funds dwindle

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is becoming increasingly concerned over the funding situation for refugees and other displaced families in the Middle East, where currently ...



US MQ-9 drone shot down in Yemen

The MQ-9 is predominately an armed hunter-killer drone but the unmanned aircraft is also capable of surveillance and intelligence collection. ...



Calls for France to recognise 1962 massacres in Algeria

The politicians said that 5 July 1962 was “written with the blood of innocent people who were dragged on to public squares and were killed ...


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