Investors, Analysts with Mixed Interpretations After Wild Weekend in Saudi Arabia

Investors and analysts are mixed in their reactions after a wild weekend for Saudi Arabia that put the Kingdom into the international spotlight.

Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Detentions

Princes and former ministers detained in Saudi Arabia corruption probe

Eleven princes, four sitting ministers and ‘tens’ of former ministers have been arrested on orders from the new anti-corruption committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammed ...


Shake up in Saudi

Commentary: This Is What You Need To Know About The Huge Shake-Up In Saudi Arabia

Theodore Karasik, senior adviser at Gulf State Analytics, a consulting firm, said Hariri's resignation and the purging of Saudi officials and businessmen were likely connected, ...


Houthi Missile Attack

Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital

Yemeni rebels on Saturday targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia's capital with a ballistic missile, according to Yemen's Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry. But the missile was intercepted ...


Ant-Corruption Orders

A Series of Anti-Graft Royal Orders Announced, related Committee led by Crown Prince Formed

In view of what we have noticed of exploitation by some of the weak souls who have put their own interests above the public interest, ...


Shake up in Saudi

Perspective: Saudi Arabia’s royal purge ‘doesn’t look so bad’ for long-term investors, analyst says

The major purge of the Kingdom's elites was described as an anti-corruption drive by state officials, although outside observers suspected the exercise could be part ...


Al Olayan Group

Billionaire Olayan Family Said to Put Saudi IPO Plan on Hold

The Olayan family, which runs one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest conglomerates, is putting plans to sell shares in some of its local assets on hold amid ...


Mansour bin Muqrin

Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border

The Saudi-owned satellite news channel Al-Arabiya, based in Dubai, reported that the crash killed Prince Mansour bin Murquin and seven others. Prince Mansour was the ...


Shake up in Saudi

Tech’s favorite royal — Prince Alwaleed bin Talal — has been arrested in Saudi Arabia

The prince and Kingdom Holding, of which he owns 95 percent, first invested $300 million in Twitter in 2011, two years before the company went ...


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Saad Hariri

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigns

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri unexpectedly resigned Saturday during a trip to Saudi Arabia, saying his life was in danger, and creating a leadership vacuum ...


Shake up in Saudi

Perspective: Saudi Turmoil Sends Shockwaves Across Middle East

But in the region’s tumultuous tradition, it only took hours for Yemen to launch a ballistic missile at the Saudi capital, for dozens of Saudi ...


Global Oil Markets

Oil Trades Near 2-Year High After Saudi Arabia Purges Officials

Futures rose as much as 1.2 percent in New York, gaining for a third session. The purge eliminated potential rivals to Crown Prince Mohammed bin ...



Iraq court rules no region can secede after Kurdish independence bid

Iraq’s Supreme Federal Court ruled on Monday that no region or province can secede, strengthening the government’s hand as it seeks to prevent a repeat ...



Trump could let the UAE buy F-35 jets

As part of a larger U.S. strategy for enhanced strategic cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, the Trump administration has agreed to consider a long-standing ...


Paradise Papers

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth

The world’s biggest businesses, heads of state and global figures in politics, entertainment and sport who have sheltered their wealth in secretive tax havens are ...


U.S. Citizenship

Americans Are Renouncing Citizenship at a Record Pace

The pace of Americans jumping ship started to accelerate in 2010, when the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) became law. The act was intended to ...


Technology in the MENA

First week of One Million Arab Coders sees 500,000 applications

Over half a million people from 22 countries around the world have applied to participate in the One Million Arab Coders programme. The initiative, launched ...


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