Al-Jubeir: ‘There Is No Doubt’ Iranian-Built Missile Shot from Yemen ‘Act of Aggression’

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia had the right to defend itself against Iran and would take "appropriate" actions to counter Iranian aggression against the Kingdom, according to an interview the foreign minister gave to CNN.

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Shake up in Saudi

Saudi Crackdown Widens as More Bank Accounts Said Frozen

More may be on the way: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority sent a list of hundreds of names to lenders, telling them to freeze any ...


Market Reactions

Saudi mass arrests jolt markets, play to ire over corruption

Most major Gulf stock markets slid early on Tuesday on jitters about Saudi Arabia’s sweeping anti-graft purge, a campaign seen by critics as a populist ...


Shake up in Saudi

Purge of Saudi princes, businessmen widens, travel curbs imposed

Investigators had been collecting evidence for three years and would “continue to identify culprits, issue arrest warrants and travel restrictions and bring offenders to justice”, ...


Shake up in Saudi

Trump praises Saudi corruption purge, claiming targets are ‘milking’ kingdom

“I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing,” the US president, who ...


Shake up in Saudi

Commentary: Saudi Arrests Signal Consolidation of Power

The crackdown also essentially completes the centralization of the Kingdom’s tripartite defense and security apparatus, at least in terms of oversight. ...



Missile attack ‘an act of war’ by Iran, Saudi Foreign Minister says

Saudi Arabia regards the failed ballistic missile attack on Riyadh's international airport Saturday as an act of war by Iran and will take "appropriate" measures ...


Shake up in Saudi

Saudi Arabia says corruption probe detainees will face trial

Attorney General Saud al-Mojeb warned in a statement that trials will be held “in a timely and open manner” and that the probe is “merely ...



Saudi crown prince accuses Iran of ‘direct aggression’

"The involvement of Iran in supplying missiles to the Huthis is a direct military aggression by the Iranian regime," the Saudi Press Agency quoted the ...


War in Yemen

Coalition closes Yemen airports, ports temporarily

The Arab coalition closed off the land, sea and air ports in Yemen early Monday after a missile targeted Riyadh, hours after an ISIS-claimed militant ...


Budget Items

Saudi Arabia’s economy by the numbers

The estimated 2016 population of Saudi Arabia is around 28.6 million and GDP per capita last year was $55,300 on a purchasing power parity (PPP) ...


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Egypt judiciary orders review of notorious Cairo prison

A top judicial agency in Egypt has agreed to review one of the most notorious prisons in the country. ...



U.S., Turkey restart issuing visas but tensions over detentions fester

The United States partially resumed issuing visas in Turkey on Monday after getting what it said were assurances about the safety of staff at its ...



Assad says Syria war does not end in Deir al-Zor

Syria’s army and its allies will keep fighting in Syria after the battle ends in Deir al-Zor province, where Islamic State has its last significant ...



Video: Memories of Raqqa

Syrian children tell some of the horrors they experienced in the final days of IS in Raqqa ...


Saad Hariri

Lebanese PM Who Resigned from Saudi Arabia Visits UAE

In a new twist in the saga of Lebanon's prime minister who resigned over the weekend from Saudi Arabia, Saad Hariri's office said he visited ...


Climate Change

Syria Signs Paris Climate Agreement, Leaving U.S. as Odd Man Out

Syria told diplomats gathered in Bonn this week for annual United Nations climate negotiations that it will sign the Paris Agreement, making the U.S. the ...



Kabul TV Station Goes Back On Air After Being Attacked By Armed Militants

Armed militants stormed a private TV station in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul on Tuesday, in an attack in which gunmen reportedly dressed as police officers. ...



French arrest nine, Swiss one in joint anti-terrorism swoop

French police arrested nine people and another was arrested in Switzerland in coordinated counter-terrorism swoops that follow a spate of deadly attacks in Europe in ...



Iraq receives three more US F16 fighter jets

Iraq's Ministry of Defence announced on Thursday that it has received three new F16 aircraft from the United States, bringing the total to 17 since ...



Bahrain’s Path to Economic Reform: One Size Does Not Fit All

Bahrain has come under recent pressure because of its dwindling foreign reserve assets, or, more accurately, its pattern of debt-fueled deposits to the Central Bank ...


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