UK Government Agrees to $2b Loan Guarantee For Saudi Aramco


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Anti-Graft Crackdown

Saudi Arabia makes fresh arrests in anti-graft crackdown: sources

The number of domestic bank accounts frozen as a result of the purge is over 1,700 and rising, up from 1,200 reported on Tuesday, banking ...



Saudi Arabia calls on citizens to leave Lebanon immediately

"Due to the situations in Lebanon, the official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Saudi nationals visiting or residing in Lebanon ...


Shake up in Saudi

Commentary: The Saudi Purge Isn’t Just a Power Grab

“The one positive thing is that maybe things will get more equitable, more meritocratic,” says a young Saudi management consultant who, tellingly, declines to be ...


Women's Rights

Amid a Saudi Purge, Women Face the Test of a Lifetime

While the moves are paving a path for a broad spectrum of reforms, so far, women have seen the most tangible benefits. Bestowed with so ...


Saudi Bonds

Saudi Arabia’s High-Wire Act

Saudi Arabia's crisis matters much more to global investors than the relatively small size of the country's bond market suggests. The kingdom and its Gulf ...


Shake up in Saudi

In gilded Saudi royal circles, corruption has long been a way of life

Leaked American diplomatic cables from the time described the attempts of then-King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to rein in the money-skimming excesses of his fabulously wealthy ...


Shake up in Saudi

Perspective: ‘Good News’ Lurks Beneath Saudi Shakeup

There are problems the Kingdom needs to address, but imagine someone asking a few years ago how we would react if we had a Saudi ...


War in Yemen

Commentary: The Future of Saudi Arabia Will Be Written in Yemen

Saudi Arabia leads the conservative Arab states, although the steady rise of MbS means that these populations are now being offered an up-to-date (although non-democratic) ...



Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister calls for sanctions on Iran for its ‘support of terrorism’

"We would like to see sanctions on Iran for its support of terrorism and sanctions on Iran for violating the ballistic missile resolutions of the ...


Saudi Arabia National Guard

Saudi Arabia’s National Guard: Protectors of the royal family and Islam’s holiest sites

Relatively unknown to most Saudis before his appointment to the head of the National Guard, Prince Khalid bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed bin Ayyaf Al Muqren ...


Yemen Civil War

U.N., Red Cross urge Saudi-led coalition to re-open aid lifeline to Yemen

The United Nations and Red Cross on Tuesday urged the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen to re-open an aid lifeline to bring imported food and ...


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Turkey Tells US To Withdraw Weapons, Support for Syrian Rebels

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the United States should withdraw its weapons and support for the Kurdish and Arab forces that just routed ISIS ...



Rouhani Urges Saudi Arabia to Avoid Teaming Up With U.S. and Israel

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, invoking his country’s might, advised Saudi Arabia not to team up with the U.S. and Israel against it, striking a defiant tone as ...


Saad Hariri

Analysis: Why Lebanon’s prime minister resigned

By adopting hawkish views on Iran and Hezbollah and stoking sectarian fires, Hariri can conceivably appease the ideological zealots in the Lebanese Sunni community and, ...


Saad Hariri

Lebanon believes Hariri held in Saudi, wants foreign pressure: top official

The top government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “Lebanon is heading toward asking foreign and Arab states to put pressure on Saudi to ...



U.N. warns if no Yemen aid access, world will see largest famine in decades

United Nations aid chief Mark Lowcock warned on Wednesday that if a Saudi-led military coalition did not allow humanitarian aid access to Yemen then it ...



Egypt’s president backs Saudi purge, urges de-escalation with Iran

Egypt’s economy has been struggling to recover since a 2011 uprising scared away tourists and investors, two main sources of foreign currency, but a three-year ...



Is the ‘Jihadi Drug’ Moving Out of Syria?

Now, according a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration report obtained by Foreign Policy, Captagon production is reportedly shifting away from the Middle East and back to ...



No easy way out of reconstructing Raqqa

Now, sometimes we meet with local councils and they say, ‘We really want you, the United States, to help us with the—you’re going to run ...


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