Markets Rattled by Saudi Shake-Up, Rising Regional Tensions

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Rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as the kingdom's crackdown on corruption last week that has seen over 200 jailed and $100b in assets frozen, have rattled markets in the region and kicked off efforts for wealthy Saudis to move money abroad, according to reports.

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Shake up in Saudi

Saudi Arabia: 201 detained in sweep over $100B in corruption

Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday it has detained 201 people as part of a sweeping probe, estimating that at least $100 billion has been misused ...


Shake up in Saudi

Commentary: The Saudi Cultural Revolution

The challenges faced by MbS and the emerging generation of leaders of the kingdom as they attempt to manage the aspirations of a large and ...


Shake up in Saudi

Commentary: How the Saudi Arabia corruption crackdown will play out

Other experts said that the exercise of due process of law was an important factor. Ellen Wald, energy expert, author of forthcoming book “Saudi Inc” ...


Shake up in Saudi

The Economic Risks Of Saudi Arabia’s $100B Corruption Crackdown

While analysts say that an anti-corruption drive could provide a boost for the economy in the long-run, there are plenty of risks around the path ...



Missile Targeting Saudis Was Iranian, U.S. Air Force Says

The top U.S. Air Force official in the Mideast says that the ballistic missile fired by Yemeni rebels that targeted the Saudi capital was from ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

U.S.’s Tillerson concerned over Saudi purge, monitoring Hariri situation

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recent political purge raises concerns and remains unclear but does not appear to amount to mass arrests, U.S. ...



Saudi Arabia faces calls to allow Lebanese Prime Minister to return

The party of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has demanded its leader's safe return from Saudi Arabia, adding to a swirl of speculation that he ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Templeton’s Mark Mobius on Saudi Aramco IPO: New York pretty much out

Even as Mobius takes a cautious approach when it comes to Aramco, he was explicit in his optimism about Saudi Arabia. He said reforms in ...



Saudi budget airline Flynas picks Morgan Stanley as pushes ahead with IPO: sources

Saudi budget airline Flynas, part owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s firm, is pressing ahead with an initial public offering and has selected ...


McKinsey Saudi Contract

In Growing Saudi Business, McKinsey Hired Officials’ Children

McKinsey & Co. has been paid millions of dollars in recent years advising Saudi Arabia’s government on an ambitious economic transformation. Over the same period, ...


Women in Saudi Arabia

I was jailed for 9 days for driving while female in Saudi Arabia. Our activism worked.

The secret police came for me at 2 in the morning. The second knock on the door quickly followed the first. They were loud, hard ...


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Saudi, UAE, Kuwait urge citizens to leave Lebanon

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have advised their citizens not to travel to Lebanon and urged those who are in the country ...



US ‘monitoring closely’ crisis in Lebanon ahead of meetings with Saudi minister

The crisis in Lebanon is increasingly on the US radar in calls and meetings between state department officials and their Lebanese counterparts, and will feature ...


U.S. Energy Exports

Booming US product exports

The U.S. export boom continues apace. And not only from crude exports, which clambered above 2 million barrels per day in recent weeks, but from ...



Facebook’s next move in the Middle East

“People still share, they share a lot, but whereas in the past they always shared to everyone – and some people still do that – ...



Cloud leader Amazon Web Services makes first Middle East investment

Amazon Web Services caught many established tech giants sleeping as it boomed to a $20-billion-a-year business, and now it's making a move to dominate a ...


Regional Survey

Arab Attitudes toward President Trump and his Middle East Policies and Positions

The survey shows that anti-American sentiment in the Arab world targets US foreign policies in the region, and not the United States as a country ...


Flynn-Turkey Scandal

Flynn probed for plot to kidnap Turkish cleric for $15M

Special counsel Robert Mueller is probing an alleged plot by former White House National Security Adviser Mike Flynn to return a Muslim cleric living in ...


Middle East Unrest

Perspective: The Middle East Is Nearing an Explosion

All three developments point in a similar direction: that of an increasingly emboldened and single-minded Saudi leadership eager to work with the U.S. to counter ...



Erdogan’s mayor purge leaves almost half of Turkey without elected officials

In September, Erdogan launched an extraordinary purge against mayors from his own Justice and Development Party (AKP). The mayors of six major urban centers, including ...


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