Citigroup Saudi Arabia to be ‘Fully Operational’ in 1Q 2018

Citigroup will be "fully operational" in Saudi Arabia in the first quarter of 2018 after an absence of more than a decade, according to reports, as it seeks to capitalize on opportunities in debt and equity capital markets.

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Patriarch Visit

Lebanon’s patriarch becomes first-ever Catholic cardinal to visit Saudi Arabia

Patriarch Bechara al-Rai is the first Catholic cardinal to ever visit the kingdom, and only the second Christian patriarch to do so. The last visit ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Saudi Crown Prince meets with Bill Gates to review joint development programs

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Co-Chair, Bill Gates, in Riyadh on Tuesday. ...


Saudi Women

Saudi Arabia holds first women’s basketball tournament

The Jeddah Women's Championship organized the first women's basketball tournament in Saudi Arabia, which was held in Al Jawhara Stadium. ...


Women Employment

Saudi women allowed to work in justice ministry

Saudi women who hold postgraduate degrees in Sharia, law, sociology and administration specialisations will be hired as social researchers, religious researchers, legal researcher and administrative ...


Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The Upstart Saudi Prince Who’s Throwing Caution to the Winds

With the tacit backing of his father, Saudi Arabia’s 32-year-old crown prince has established himself as the most powerful figure in the Arab world, rushing ...



Citigroup to be fully operational in Saudi Arabia in first quarter of 2018

Citi lost access to the largest Arab economy when it sold its stake in Samba Financial Group in 2004. The US-headquartered bank, which has operations ...


Robot Sophia

What the Fake News of Sophia the Robot’s Beheading Says About Saudi Arabia and Reader Biases

A satirical article claiming that Saudi Arabia beheaded its first and only robot citizen, a talking wonder of artificial intelligence named Sophia, went viral when ...


German-Saudi Arms Deals

Germany quintuples arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Egypt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's administration has been criticized for massively increasing arms sales to Middle East dictatorships Saudi Arabia and Egypt. One opposition lawmaker branded ...


Pace of Reforms

Will expat dependents fees be postponed?

In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV Channel, which was published by Okaz newspaper, Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Jadaan stressed that government senior specialists and economic experts ...


TIR (International Road Transport)

Saudi connectivity set to soar

Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a logistics hub linking Asia, Europe and Africa is one of the pillars of the Saudi Vision 2030, and the country ...


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Al-Waleed ‘puts two hotels on sale’

Saudi Arabian prince and billionaire Al-Waleed bin Talal has reportedly put two luxury hotels in Lebanon up for sale after being detained in his country during a ...



Iraqi parliamentarian delegation in Saudi Arabia

A senior Iraqi parliamentary delegation is visiting Saudi Arabia in the context of rapprochement between Riyadh and Baghdad. ...


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Global Oil Markets

Crude Oil Prices: Investors Scoop Up $90 Oil Bets as Saudi-Iran Tensions Escalate

Oil options traders are making increasingly bullish bets on how high crude can go, and tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are fueling their optimism. ...



Saudi Arabia Is Set to Become a Bigger Commodities Player

Saudi Arabia is on its way to becoming a meaningful influence on global commodity prices.  It doesn’t produce a broad array of raw materials like ...


Saad Hariri

Lebanon accuses Saudi Arabia of holding its PM hostage

Lebanon’s president on Wednesday accused Saudi Arabia of holding hostage prime minister Saad al-Hariri along with his family - the first time he has explicitly ...


War in Yemen

US unfreezes Yemeni assets in boost to Saudi-backed government

The decision, which relied on support from US secretary of state Rex Tillerson as well as Treasury officials, to unblock about $205m held in the ...


Social Capital

Mosques, Social Capital, and the Economy

In Saudi Arabia, the government has taken two measures to facilitate congregational prayer: first, they have built a very large number of mosques, ensuring that ...



Why Shiite pilgrimage to Karbala had special meaning this year

This year, the pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Hussein held special resonance, as ISIS in Iraq has been all but defeated in recent months ...


Regional Evolution

Perspective: Prescription for the region’s wellbeing a strong Saudi Arabia and a stable Egypt

But change cannot be viewed in isolation; the gains in Saudi Arabia will be of little use beyond its borders if there is instability in ...


MENA Conflict

Commentary: Instability in the MENA Region, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Key Conflict States: A Comparative Score Card

It has long been all too clear that the U.S. has gradually built up the military capability to help local powers defeat ISIS in Syria ...


Louvre Abu Dhabi

Beyond the Spectacle: An Urban Assessment of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Initially announced in 2006 following a competition won by French architect Jean Nouvel, the contract with the Louvre was awarded a year later. At a ...


Turkey in the Region

Turkey’s President Erdogan meets Qatar’s Emir

During his visit, Erdogan discussed regional developments and bilateral ties with Sheikh Tamim, a month after a meeting between the two leaders in the Turkish capital, Ankara. ...


UAE Mirages

Dassault to modernize UAE’s Mirage fleet for a reported $350M

The United Arab Emirates plans to order an upgrade for its fleet of Mirage 2000-9 fighter jets, Dassault Aviation said Tuesday. ...


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