Second Missile in a Month Launched from Yemen Intercepted by Saudi Military

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For the second time in a month, the Saudi military has intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile that was launched from Yemen on Thursday. The missile did not cause any casualties.

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Sale of the century? $300-billion Saudi state sell-off moves slowly

The main problems they cite are heavy bureaucracy, an inadequate legal framework, frequent changes of priority in government departments and fatigue among investors. ...


Houthi Missile Attack

Saudi Air Force destroys ballistic missile launched from Yemen

For the second time in a month, the Saudi military has intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile it said was launched from Yemen on Thursday. ...



UK PM asks Saudi king to lift Yemen blockade to avoid ‘catastrophe’

British Prime Minister Theresa May has stressed to Saudi leaders that the blockade of Yemen needs to be eased urgently in order to “avert a ...


Vision 2030

Analysis: Saudi Arabia’s crown prince wants to reengineer his country. Is that even possible?

Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, isn’t just consolidating power before his probable ascent to the throne. He’s also trying to remake Saudi ...


Saudi VC in US

Saudi Arabian Startup Investment Into US Startups Slows

Over the past four years, VC firms in Saudi Arabia have invested over $5 billion known dollars into U.S. startups—with the pace of investment skyrocketing ...


Foreign Workers

Saudi Arabia has 11 million foreign workers from more than 100 countries

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest labor markets in the world with 11 million foreign workers from more than 100 countries represented in many ...



Analysis: Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon Gamble May Pay Off

Time will tell, but Saudi Arabia’s gamble to pressure Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanese Shiite militia, by forcing Saad Hariri, the country’s prime minister, to resign, ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Moveable feast of US-Saudi art to open in Brooklyn Museum

Back in 2014, a group of Arab artists set forth on a Saudi-funded mission to drive a motorhome along the highways of America and bring ...



Traffic deaths in Saudi Arabia decrease significantly

The Ministry of Transport has announced that there was a significant reduction in road accident deaths in October, despite the increase in the number of ...


Women's Rights

Women in Saudi Arabia assert themselves in ways once unimaginable

Halah Alhamrani, who's opened a boxing gym called Fight Like a Girl, told CBS News she wants an end to Saudi Arabia's male guardianship system ...


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Opec and Russia extend output cuts, boosting oil alliance

After a day of talks in Vienna, the decision showed the strength of the unprecedented alliance between the world’s top two oil producers, Saudi Arabia ...



Yemen’s Anti-Saudi Alliance Members Clash for Second Day, Three Killed

A statement from Saleh's General People's Congress Party said three guards were killed when Houthi forces attacked the house of Tarek Saleh, ...



China pushing billions into Iranian economy as Western firms stall

China is financing billions of dollars worth of Chinese-led projects in Iran, making deep inroads into the economy while European competitors struggle to find banks ...



US companies are the biggest losers from sanctions, Iran’s energy minister says

The Iranian oil minister claimed that energy-related firms from the U.S. are the main losers from the sanctions placed against his country.Iran's oil-dominated economy has ...


2 Engines vs. 4

Airlines are using fewer Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 jumbo jets

Emirates, the largest operator of the A380 with 100 planes, is in negotiations to order more but is dragging its feet. Amedeo, one of the ...



Commentary: Islamophobia No Longer Needs Terrorism as a Justification

America’s purveyors of anti-Muslim bigotry no longer need terrorism as a rationalization. Islamophobia is finding new justifications, which don’t rely on ISIS or Al Qaeda ...



How Trump Is Going After Hezbollah in America’s Backyard

he Trump administration is pushing back aggressively against what the intelligence community often refers to as the “Iran Threat Network” or ITN, and as part ...


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

ADNOC Accelerates Partnership Initiatives and Expands Investment Opportunities

In November alone, ADNOC signed oil and gas contracts worth at least $10 billion, announced plans to increase refining capacity by almost two-thirds and triple ...



Qatar agrees to terms for buying Typhoon, Hawk aircraft from UK

In what must be some kind of record, the two sides have gone from signing a statement of intent to concluding negotiations in little more ...


Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Qatar to build world’s first demountable football stadium out of shipping containers

The Ras Abu Aboud Stadium is designed by Spain's Fenwick Iribarren Architects, and uses shipping containers as its primary building blocks. This is a tip ...


Afghan Taliban

What Is The Taliban’s ‘Red Unit’? Jihadi Special Forces Are Using Russian, U.S. Tech For Attacks

The development of a Taliban special forces unit appears to be not only directed at improved combat skills for use against Kabul, but ISIS too. ...



Algeria refuses to join Saudi-led Muslim Military Alliance

Algeria has joined Iran, Syria and Iraq and refused to join the Saudi-led Muslim Military Alliance, The Algeria Daily reported on Wednesday. ...


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