Energy Secretary Rick Perry Meets with Top Saudi Leaders; Photos from Visit Go Viral

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U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry visited Saudi Arabia over the weekend as part of a tour of three Gulf states, his first trip to the region since becoming the top U.S. energy official.

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Corruption Crackdown

Statement by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General on the proceedings of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee

The Attorney General confirms that all corporate entities’ assets of those detained, and any rights of any other parties related to such assets or corporate ...



Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to Trump: Embassy move would offend Muslims

He added that an embassy move to Jerusalem is a dangerous step that would negatively affect and offend Muslims around the world. ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi-led coalition intensifies Yemen air strikes after Saleh’s death

A Saudi-led coalition intensified air strikes on Yemen early on Wednesday as the armed Houthi movement tightened its grip on the capital after it killed ...


Yemen Civil War

Editorial: Saudi Arabia Should Lift Its Yemen Blockade

Saudi Arabia has reacted to the killing of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen by intensifying its bombing campaign there. A more suitable response ...


Housing and Real Estate

New statistics reveal there are 5.4 million households in Saudi Arabia

The number of households in Saudi Arabia stood at 5.46 million, of which 35.9 percent were foreign, with about 1.96 million households, while the number ...



Saudi Arabia just had its first concert in 7 years

A sold-out jazz performance took place in Riyadh over the weekend, held at the 3,300-seat King Fahd Cultural Centre, a first for the city in 25 ...


Security Sector

Unlocking Growth: How the Gulf Security Sector Can Lead Economic Diversification

Defense industries and the security sector at large are a key target of potential private sector investment, employment opportunity and growth, and a means for ...



Israel-Saudi relations are being changed by a mutual enemy

The two former spymasters sat an arm's length apart. Both appeared calm and relaxed, neither suspicious of the other. Occasionally, they laughed with the crowd ...


Rick Perry in Saudi Arabia

Rick Perry holds falcon, sword while in Saudi Arabia

Energy Secretary Rick Perry posed barefoot in the desert, and was pictured holding a falcon and a sword in a series of photographs with Saudi ...


Property Market

Saudi property notes improvement after 5.4% Q3 decline

Saudi Arabia's property market was among the world's poorest performers in the third quarter of this year, a study has reportedly revealed. Knight Frank's Global House Price ...


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U.S. Embassy in Israel: Trump plans to move mission to Jerusalem, Palestinian leader says

President Trump on Wednesday plans to upend decades of U.S. policy by formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordering the relocation of ...



Commentary: Why is Trump undoing decades of U.S. policy on Jerusalem?

All of this is doubtful, but let’s consider for a moment the possibility that the administration’s assessment that costs will be limited is accurate. No ...



Palestinians call days of rage over US Jerusalem plan

Protests have broken out in the Gaza Strip in response to US President Donald Trump's expected decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, as Palestinian ...


Saad Hariri

Lebanon’s Hariri rescinds resignation, drawing line under crisis

The Lebanese policy of “dissociation” was declared in 2012 to keep the deeply divided state out of regional conflicts such as the civil war in ...



Sheikh Khalifa forms joint military alliance between UAE and Saudi Arabia 

While the GCC has been a forum for Gulf Arab countries to pursue their common interests for nearly 40 years, the current summit is dominated ...


Iran in the Region

Revolution Unveiled: A Closer Look at Iran’s Presence and Influence in the Middle East

Through four case studies, this report systematically examines new or lesser-known methods Iran employs to project its influence beyond its borders. By using proxy Shia ...


Iran in the Region

Obsession With Iran Is Driving the Mideast and the U.S. Crazy

If there is a common denominator explaining so many recent events in the Middle East — actions by Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Syria, Israel and ...



Commentary: The Cost of Trump’s Attacks on National-Security Agencies

The president’s efforts to delegitimize the FBI are frustrating and demoralizing the staff of the nation’s lead agency for domestic counterintelligence. ...


GCC Summit

Kuwait’s emir quickly ends troubled Gulf summit

Kuwait's emir has quickly ended a troubled summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council amid the ongoing diplomatic dispute targeting Qatar. Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah ...



Balance of Power: Nearing a ‘Point of No Return’ for Turkey

Turkey watchers are beginning to think the unthinkable might happen: A hard split of NATO’s second-largest military from the West. ...



Pentagon Has No Plans to Lift Freeze on Funds for Pakistan

The United States and Pakistan remain at odds over Islamabad’s track record on countering Islamist militants near the Afghan border, and Washington has no plans ...


Theresa May Plot

Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled

A terror plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May has been foiled, Sky sources have confirmed. ...


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