Nearly $20b in Stimulus for Saudi Economy in 2018

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Energy Khalid al-Falih with Minister of Commerce and Investment Dr. Majed Al-Qassabi.
Saudi Arabia has unveiled a stimulus package to begin next year with money to support housing construction as well as fee waivers for small businesses.

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King's Speech

Saudi King Prioritizes Economic Reforms for Coming Year

Saudi King Salman delivered a speech on Wednesday outlining his government's priorities for the coming year, urging citizens to support economic reforms and the government's ...


Stimulus Package

Saudi’s $19 Billion Stimulus Will Prioritize Housing and Small Business

Saudi Arabia on Thursday unveiled a 72 billion-riyal ($19.2 billion) program to bolster private-sector growth in 2018, with money to support housing construction as well ...



Saudi King Salman decries Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Palestinians have the right to Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem as their capital, Salman said on Wednesday in response to the US decision last week to recognise ...


Middle East Peace

Israel Says Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan Will Fail Without Saudi Arabia’s Help

Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said any peace plan between Israel and Palestine needs Saudi help because the Arab kingdom has credibility with Islamic countries ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Aramco to Seek Pitches for IPO Coordinator Roles

Saudi Arabian Oil Co. is asking banks to pitch for roles as coordinators and bookrunners on its initial public offering, people familiar with the matter said, ...


Bankruptcy in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia advisory council approves draft bankruptcy law

Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council, a top advisory body to the government, has approved a draft bankruptcy law in a step towards modernising the economy and ...



Citibank: ‘We’re committed to Saudi Arabia and here to stay’

Business journalists had a problem when Carmen Haddad was appointed chief executive of Citibank in Saudi Arabia earlier this year: What was the top story? ...


Driving Ban Lifted

Loujain Alhathloul on how Saudi women won the right to drive

When I ask about the 73 days she spent in juvenile jail in 2014, after daring to drive, her eyes light up and she says ...


Salvator Mundi

Editorial: Who Bought That $450 Million Leonardo After All?

The unanswered question is this: For whom or what entity was Prince Bader acting? Another question: Why would the Saudis move so quickly to say ...


Qatar Dispute: Saudi TV

Commentary: The Portrayal of the Gulf Crisis in Saudi Pop Culture

Satirical programming is not new to Saudi. Nor is media loyalty to the Al-Saud regime. This does not mean, however, that politics is absent from ...


John Doe in Syria

American being held as enemy combatant also has Saudi citizenship

The Trump administration has withheld the identity of the detainee, known only as John Doe, while it figures out what to do with him. Syrian ...



UAE, Saudi working on digital currency for cross-border deals

The digital currency would be based on blockchain, the shared ledger of transactions that is maintained by a network of computers on the internet rather ...



Saudi Arabia, UAE pledge to provide $130 million to fight jihadi threat in Africa’s Sahel region.

Saudi Arabia, UAE pledge to provide $130 million to fight jihadi threat in Africa's Sahel region. ...


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Jerusalem Declaration Unites – and Divides – the Gulf

Collectively, the statements characterized the move as an infringement on the rights of Palestinians as affirmed by international law, harmful to the peace process and ...



OIC: We recognize East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Leaders from the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation recognized East Jerusalem as the occupied capital of a Palestinian state and called on the international community ...


Israel-Palestine Peace

Israel Says Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan Will Fail Without Saudi Arabia’s Help

Jared Kushner is the president's hand-picked envoy to the Middle East, but Saudi Arabia is actually the key to achieving the elusive peace agreement, according to a key ...



ISIS Threatening War On U.S. Soil After Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement

The Islamic State terror group took to social media to threaten Thursday to carry out attacks on the United States, specifically in New York City, following ...


Middle East Peace

US vice president delays Middle East trip after Palestinians rebuff him

US Vice President Mike Pence has delayed his upcoming visit to Israel and Palestine days after Palestinian officials cancelled plans to meet him, according to ...


Ride Hailing in Cairo

How Uber and Its Rivals Are Beating the Middle East’s Most Notorious Traffic

“Ride-hailing companies constitute two percent of all rides in Egypt,” Kato said. “We still have 98 percent to capture through things that resemble mass transportation, ...


Iran in the Region

Perspective: Cold War Lessons for Iran Strategy

While Iran’s expanding influence in the Middle East is primarily the symptom of an underlying cause—the power vacuums created by the 2003 Iraq War and ...


Climate Change

Trump Just Signed a Dire Warning about Climate Change

The 2018 NDAA acknowledges and anticipates climate change as an urgent threat, in sharp contrast to his administration’s past denials. ...


Guantanamo Bay

The Disarming Paintings Made by Guantánamo Detainees

Two of his watercolors are included in “Ode to the Sea: Art from Guantánamo Bay,” a startling exhibit on display through January at the John ...


Migration Crisis

Turkish Coast Guard in Dramatic Rescue of Stranded Migrants

Turkey's coast guard launched a dramatic rescue operation Thursday to evacuate migrants stranded on rocks in the Aegean Sea. ...


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