Ministry of Culture and Information Launches Certified Saudi Cinema Account: ‘We are back’

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The Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) launched an official and certified account for Saudi cinema on Twitter yesterday and used its first tweet to proclaim the return of Saudi cinema.

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Natural Gas

Saudi Aramco Embarks on Global Hunt for Natural Gas Supplies

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Cyber Attack

Cyberattack Targets Safety System at Saudi Aramco

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Saudi Nuclear Energy

Saudi Arabia Will Go Nuclear to Counter Iran Threat, Wants to Enrich Uranium

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Saudi Cinema

Saudi cinema Twitter account gets 42,000 followers upon launch

The launch of the account comes 10 days after the Ministry of Culture and Information announced that commercial cinemas will be allowed to operate in ...


Laptop Ban Lifted

Passengers on Saudi Arabia airlines allowed to bring electronics on flights to UK

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Tinder, dating and sex in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi women to work in mining industry

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Saudi Wheat Imports

Russia Eyes Up Saudi Wheat Market Dominated by EU Supplies

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest importer of barley, ranks in the top 20 for wheat. It initially didn’t impose bug damage limits when starting wheat ...


Tiran and Sanafir

Sudan will ask UN to look into Saudi-Egypt border demarcation plans

Sudan today announced its plans to officially notify the UN that it rejects an agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia which handed Riyadh two Red ...


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Russia Tells U.S. Military to Get Out of Syria

Russia ramped up its calls for the U.S. military to depart from Syria on Thursday, contending it has no substantial reasons to be in the country and ...



After ISIS campaign, Iran-backed fighters in Iraq vow to drive out US troops

Now that they’ve helped vanquish the Islamic State from much of Iraq, a battle-hardened militia with close ties to Iran may be training its sights ...


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Perspective: The 38th GCC Summit: A Counter-Interpretation

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Pence visits Afghanistan, says U.S. will ‘see this through’

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$100 Million Grant Sending Sesame Street To The Middle East

A $100 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation, a nonprofit that “supports creative people and effective institutions,” is being given to the Sesame Workshop and International ...


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2017 natural disasters and climate change effects cost the world $306 billion

Insurance firm Swiss Re, which makes this calculation every six months, estimates the economic loss in 2017 to be $306 billion, which is almost double ...


AI Counter Terrorism

The Pentagon’s New Artificial Intelligence Is Already Hunting Terrorists

After less than eight months of development, the algorithms are helping intel analysts exploit drone video over the battlefield. ...



Worries about Malaysia’s ‘Arabisation’ grow as Saudi influence increases

The government is not promoting Wahhabism but rather the doctrine of "wasatiyyah", or moderation and balance, to accommodate Malaysia's multi-cultural society, said Mr Abdul Aziz, ...


B-1s in the ME

B-1B Aircrews Preparing for Return to the Middle East

Officials at the time said the B-1B's return stateside was crucial to upgrade the fleet with the latest Integrated Battle Station, known as the IBS ...


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