Saudi Arabia Lowers Barriers to Stock Market Investment Again as Reforms Progress

Saudi Arabia’s first international debt issuance since 1991 was oversubscribed, a good sign for the Kingdom's intentions to build a borrowing profile.
Saudi Arabia announced that it will lower the required minimum assets under management for qualified foreign institutions starting this month, according to Bloomberg and a statement by the Saudi Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

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Saudi Economy

Jadwa Investment’s Al-Turki on Saudi Arabian Economy, Oil, Markets: Video

Jadwa Investment's Head of Research and Chief Economist Fahad Al-Turki discusses the Saudi Arabian markets, oil and economy. ...



Saudi Regulator Amends Rules for QFIs on Security Trading

Saudi Arabia will lower minimum assets under management for qualified foreign institutions starting this month and will allow foreigners to own up to 49 percent of ...


Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia eases austerity after ‘very negative’ response

The government is trying to ease the pain of recent tax hikes and subsidy cuts for Saudis to avoid a backlash that could threaten its ...


Vision 2030

Mohammed bin Salman’s Next Saudi Challenge: Curtailing Ultraconservative Islam

Arwa Alneami wanted to be an artist ever since she was a child. But growing up in the conservative region of Asir, she was constrained ...


War in Yemen

Analysis: Did Yemen Rebels Shoot Down an F-15 Fighter Jet?

In this incident many sides, even those not directly involved, want to spin to their advantage. The Saudis will only admit to losing one plane ...


Foreign Policy

Even Saudi Arabia’s Allies Are Questioning Its Mideast Power Plays

The eight-month-old TV interview had taken on a new significance: Violent protests were spreading across Iran. It’s not clear whether Saudi Arabia helped stir them ...



Commentary: To understand the complexities of Saudi Arabia, a quick course in ‘Riyadhology’

King Salman wants MbS to be king. MbS wants to be king. But it is hard to predict how Saudi Arabia will get from here ...


U.S.-Saudi Defense

US Army seeks 120 AH-6 helos for Saudi Arabia and other FMS customers

The US Army has issued a request for information (RFI) for up to 120 Boeing AH-6 light attack and reconnaissance rotorcraft for Saudi Arabia and ...



1.3m Saudis, 2.5m total discontinue education for various reasons

A total of 2.5 million people — Saudis and non-Saudis — discontinued their education last year. Of these, 279,794 were in Riyadh, 251,913 in the ...


BBC's House of Saud

House of Saud: A Family at War, review: an eye-opening documentary that lifted the lid on Saudi Arabia and terrorism

Rudin’s film suggested from the outset that jihad, in its widest missionary sense, was rooted in the make up of the Saudi state. ...



Iraq approves to open new Saudi Consulate in Basra

Also, Iraqi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Rushdie al-Ani said that he has received an official Saudi request to open a new Consulate in Najaf city. ...



Malaysia PM visits Saudi king despite controversy over ties

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak met with Saudi King Salman in a visit to the kingdom on Tuesday that highlights their close and at times ...


ACWA Power

Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power invites banks to arrange IPO

Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power IPO-ACPO.SE has invited banks to bid to arrange its initial public offer of shares, which is expected to value the company ...



Saudi Arabia police arrest men over ‘gay wedding’ video

Police in Saudi Arabia say they have arrested several young men who last week appeared in a video of what was described as a "gay ...


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Iran Unrest

Iran tried to block the internet to disrupt protests. It wound up disrupting daily life

As authorities have tried to govern the internet, Iranians have over the years become adept at circumventing online censorship. But as more Iranians use the ...


Russia in the Region

Dancing to Russia’s Tune in Syria

The problem is that the Geneva process is starting to look less viable. Russia’s military assistance to the Assad regime has made Damascus less open ...


Russia in the Region

Russia’s Hmeimim base in Syria attacked by drones and mortar fire

A series of mysterious attacks against the main Russian military base in Syria, including one conducted by a swarm of armed miniature drones, has exposed ...



UAE passport is ‘biggest climber’ in Middle East, occupies 33rd place

The UAE passport has emerged as the biggest climber in the Middle East, offering visa-free travel to 133 countries, according to latest rankings released on ...



Iraq After ISIS: The Other Half of Victory

The United States, its allies, and international organizations are just beginning to come to grips with the civil dimensions of "failed state" wars in Afghanistan, ...



Houthis threaten to block shipping traffic in Red Sea

Yemen's Houthi rebels have threatened to block the vital shipping route that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. ...


ME Peace Plan

Analysis: Trump’s peace deal: A Gaza-centered Palestine

The sense of euphoria among the Israeli right has reached record highs over the past few weeks. A tidal wave of new initiatives and legislation ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Turkey is becoming new hub for Salafist-jihadi exodus from Syria

As the Islamic State (IS) has lost territory in Syria and Iraq, and as efforts are being made to separate radical elements from moderate Sunni opposition groups ...


Military 'Teacher Corps'

The US Military Needs a Teacher Corps to Train Its Partners

To offer just two supporting facts: by 2016, the U.S. alone had spent more than $70 billion rebuilding Afghanistan’s security forces, according to a report ...


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