Report: Locations Scouted for Potential Nuclear Power Plant Sites in Saudi Arabia

The UAE's nuclear power plant, under construction.
The locations of the two sites are at Umm Huwayd and Khor Duweihin, which are on the Arabian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia near Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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Global Oil Markets

‘Positive contact’ with Saudi Arabia will continue beyond OPEC deal, Russia’s energy minister says

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Novak said he "fully agreed" with his Saudi counterpart. And when asked whether something longer-term was happening regarding ...


Subsidy Reform

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Pricing Reform in a Changing Domestic and Global Context

In Saudi Arabia, low energy prices have another dimension, as they have been central to the country’s industrialization strategy, which is based on the competitiveness ...


War in Yemen

Yemen ‘political solution’ discussed by US, British, Saudi, UAE ministers

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met Tuesday with the foreign ministers of Britain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to discuss "a political solution" to ...



Saudi’s SABIC buys quarter of Clariant as activists cash in

SABIC, the world’s number four chemical firm, said it had no current plans to launch a full takeover of Clariant. However, the move stoked uncertainty ...


Aramco IPO

Aramco’s 2018 IPO Schedule Is Unclear

“We hope that 2018 will be the right time, but ultimately we have to make sure the market is ready,” Khalid Al-Falih said the World ...


Corruption Crackdown

Commentary: The Corruption Crackdown Is Over, for Now

It's unclear where the rest of the recovered funds will go, but it's a nice top-up for the 2018 budget, which stands at $261 billion ...



The unlikely Mideast alliance that threatens Iran

Jewish Israel and Sunni Saudi Arabia have no formal diplomatic ties and decades of enmity behind them. However, their mutual pleasure over the grassroots demonstrations ...



Report: Saudi intelligence agency brought weapons into Iran

An official news agency reports that Iran’s intelligence agency has confiscated large amounts of weapons and ammunition including bombs and grenades and officials are blaming ...



Kuwait protests at ‘insult’ by Saudi official-agency

Kuwait has protested at an “insult” by a Saudi official, state media reported, a rare rebuff to a close ally that reflects frustration about a ...


Canada Arms Exports

Federal government hits ‘pause button’ on approving permits for arms exports to Saudi Arabia

At least two Canadian companies have been providing armoured vehicles to the Saudis. These include General Dynamics Land Systems Canada of London, Ont., which is ...


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World Economic Forum: 2018

In Davos, Gulf Arabs slam an absent Iran

Gulf Arab officials used the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday to slam Iran for what they said was its destabilizing behavior in the ...



In Middle East trip, Pence shows administration is unfazed by criticism of Jerusalem decision

As Pence traveled through the Middle East this week, visiting three nations over four days, he made clear that the administration is unfazed by criticism ...


Davos ME Session

Unemployment, extremism main challenges in Middle East: WEF panelists

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos hosted a special panel session Wednesday on ‘finding a new equilibrium in the Middle East’, where panelists identified ...



Arab Countries with the Highest Obesity Levels

According the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Observatory report, nine Middle Eastern countries have ranked highest in the obesity statistics among adults aged 18 and ...


Iraq Reconstruction

Abadi says Iraq’s reconstruction may top $100 billion

The reconstruction of Iraq may cost more than $100 billion and will require Baghdad to continue supporting OPEC’s oil output cuts and attract maximum investment ...



Colossus of ancient Egyptian King Ramses moved to new home, carefully

Egypt moved an 83-tonne, 3,200-year-old statue of King Ramses II to the atrium of Cairo’s new Grand Egyptian Museum on Thursday in a complex operation ...


Civic Unrest

Across North Africa and the Middle East, 2018 Looks to Be a Year of Civil Unrest

Civic protests look set to become the theme of this year in a number of Middle Eastern and North African states. ...


'The Insult'

‘The Insult’: Lebanese film gets Oscar nomination for first time

The film centres around the struggle of a Lebanese Christian right wing ideologue and his legal battle against a Palestinian refugee ...


ME Economies

Davos 2018: Middle East to benefit from pick-up in global economy, says Standard Chartered CEO 

Economies in the Middle East will see more stability this year, as prices of major commodities rebound and the global economy picks up, Standard Chartered’s ...



Afrin: Foreign fighters in Syria turn weapons on Turkey

An official from the Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance in which the YPG fights, said that US, British and German citizens were among the "tens" ...


Arab Spring Anniversary

Egypt marks seventh anniversary of Arab Spring uprising

Egyptian authorities have closed off routes leading to Cairo's Tahrir Square as the country marks seven years since a revolution toppled former President Hosni Mubarak's ...



UN hosts ‘last hope’ Syria peace talks in Vienna

The two days of negotiations in Vienna come after eight previous rounds in Geneva, the last one in December, that failed to get the different ...


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