Saudi Aramco CEO Says Company Eying U.S. Expansion

Amin Nasser, CEO of Saudi Aramco.
Saudi Aramco's CEO Amin Al-Nasser said the company was eying expansion in the United States "where President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and support for the oil industry are making business increasingly attractive," Reuters reports.

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Foreign Workers

Saudi Arabia pledges to reduce dependence on foreign labour

Saudi Arabia has intensified efforts to localise many economic sectors mainly insurance, communications and transport as unemployment rates in the Kingdom reached 12.8 per cent. ...


Women in Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema pushes for gender equality in Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema bint Bandar made an eloquent plea for gender equality as a driving force for economic change in the Kingdom during her address at ...


Women in the Arts

‘Connected To The Whole Universe’: Saudi Women Artists Show Their Work In The U.S.

"Not everything in Saudi Arabia is black and white," says photographer Dina Alhamrani, one of 11 Saudi artists whose work is featured in an exhibition ...


Corruption Crackdown

Saudi Arabia is handing out cash from anti-corruption drive

Saudi Arabia is using cash recovered from officials and princes arrested in a corruption crackdown to ease the pain of austerity. ...


Saudi Refining

Saudi Aramco, the Crude-Oil Giant, Becomes a Force in Refining

Over the past five years, Saudi Arabian Oil Co., known as Aramco, has boosted its global refining capacity by more than a third to 5.4 ...



No VAT on exports: Saudi tax authority

This means that in-Kingdom enterprises exporting goods and services can deduct the VAT-eligible input taxes they paid, as long as they file their tax returns ...



High Electricity Prices Reduce Demand, Consumption of Natural Gas

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) stressed that energy efficiency and structural reforms will lead to increased energy production in the Kingdom. ...


Saudi Textbooks

Shining a spotlight on hate speech in Saudi textbooks

The Saudi Educational Transparency and Reform Act, introduced by Reps. Ted Poe (R-Texas) and Bill Keating (D-Mass.) in December, would require the U.S. secretary of ...


MBC Media

Top Saudi broadcaster caught up in Riyadh’s corruption shakedown

His case illustrates how the crackdown, lauded by many Saudis as an overdue attack on corruption, appears in part to be a shakedown of coveted ...


Housing and Real Estate

Half of all homes in Saudi Arabia are owned, official statistics show

The figure of 49.91 ownership was revealed by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) on its official website on Thursday. ...


Women in the Workforce

Saudi female prosecutors to be recruited to protect women’s privacy

Women prosecutors will be recruited to the same positions as their male counterparts, Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mojeb has said. Responding to questions from ...



Third Burkan-2H missile shows no sign of Saudi intercept

CNN reiterated the Saudi claim, saying the missile was shot down about 15 miles (24 km) from Riyadh, but the remnants it filmed showed no ...


GCC Relations

Kuwait protests at ‘insult’ by Saudi official

Jarallah spoke after Al al-Sheikh, in a message on his Twitter account, slammed Rodan following a visit he made to Qatar last week reportedly to ...


Women in Sports

Saudi Arabia at Arab Women Sports Tournament

Taking place in Sharjah, February 2-12, 70 clubs from 17 countries in the region will compete in nine Olympic sports. Saudi Arabia will participate in ...


Saudi Football

Mark Clattenburg: Referee stops play for call to prayer in Saudi Arabia

Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg stopped a Saudi Arabia cup match apparently out of respect for the Muslim call to prayer - and has ...


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Human History

An ancient jawbone and tools in Israel rewrite the history of Homo sapiens

“The entire narrative of the evolution of Homo sapiens must be pushed back by at least 100,000-200,000 years,” says lead researcher anthropologist Israel Hershkovitz of ...


ME Peace

Trump threatens to take away more U.S. aid from Palestinians if they don’t negotiate with Israel

President Trump threatened Thursday to write off the Palestinian leadership and withdraw further U.S. aid if Palestinians are not serious about negotiating peace with Israel, ...



Commentary: Welcome to Syria 2.0

U.S. officials recently confirmed Washington’s intention to indefinitely retain effective ownership of around 28 percent of Syrian territory, in partnership with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. ...



How Turkey Twisted Three Words Into a Pretext for Invasion

Turkey said it was forced to move lest the U.S. execute a plan to train and arm a 30,000-person, partially Kurdish, police force in Syria. ...


Global Oil Markets

The Dark Side of America’s Rise to Oil Superpower

What didn’t kill shale drillers made them stronger. The survivors have transformed themselves into leaner, faster versions that can thrive even at lower oil prices. ...


War in Yemen

US maintains support of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen war even as NATO allies stop selling weapons

Germany announced last week that it would stop selling weapons to the coalition and Norway recently announced that it would stop selling weapons to the United ...


Middle East Arms

Russia May Sell Missile System to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, Fueling All Sides of Middle East Conflicts

Qatar’s diplomat in Moscow has said his country was in serious talks to purchase an advanced Russian anti-aircraft missile system also sought by a number ...



Lebanese comedian indicted over Saudi crown prince remarks

Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor Ghada Aoun indicted on Thursday Lebanese comedian Hicham Haddad after he mocked Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on his "Lahon ...


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