Saudi Arabia’s Crackdown on Corruption has Netted the Government Over $106 billion; 56 Suspects Still in Custody

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Saudi Arabia's crackdown on corruption has netted the government over $106 billion, according comments from the official in charge of the effort.

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Neom City

Saudi Arabia awards first major contracts for $500bn NEOM city project

According to MEED, the Saudi Royal Court “has awarded packages for five palaces and other infrastructure at the NEOM development.” ...


Corruption Crackdown

Has the Ritz-Carlton corruption crackdown achieved its goals?

Most of the detainees have been released but 56 people still remain in custody, with investigations still ongoing — and for some, that includes accusations of ...



Crown Prince Mohammed adds art, Silicon Valley and movies to his Saudi reforms as Wahabi influence wanes

Within the Kingdom, the Misk Art Institute, which is aimed above all at the young, intends to become Saudi Arabia’s “leading platform for grassroots cultural ...


Housing and Real Estate

2017 represents ‘Year of Transition’ for Saudi Arabia, according to JLL

The introduction of social and economic reforms in 2017 represented a key turning point for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with new avenues of investment ...


Startups and SMEs

Saudi banks provide $381bln funding to private sector

According to him, contrary to what many entrepreneurs seem to believe, funding is not the single largest issue facing the country’s startup ecosystem today. Rather, ...



Saudi Arabia is working on an official policy for bitcoin but a ban is unlikely

The country isn't typically associated with the market for digital coins, but one top Saudi financial regulator told Business Insider that officials there are paying ...


Women Employment

Saudi authorities surprised after 107,000 women apply for 140 jobs

The Saudi General Directorate of Passports has said that it was surprised to receive 107,000 job applications from female nationals in one week. ...


Earth Aerial Documentary Team

Preserving Saudi Arabia’s history from the skies

The team is made up of 13 members of different backgrounds. The team includes photographers, pilots, guides, historians and more and they are seeking to ...



Saudi’s Poseidon adventure?

A deal for between four and six P-8A maritime patrol aircraft was reportedly signed during a visit to Saudi Arabia by US President, Donald Trump, ...



These 12 jobs will no longer be available to expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ali Al-Ghafees, has issued a decree to limit twelve retail jobs to Saudi nationals only, Arab News reported on Tuesday. ...


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War in Yemen

Yemen separatists surround presidential palace in Aden

Fighters loyal to a South Yemeni separatist group have reached the gates of the presidential palace in central Aden. Their three-day offensive has added a ...


China in the Region

China rewrites the rules on how to rise in influence in the Middle East

The path China is blazing in the Middle East is rewriting the rule book on how to become important and influential – economically, politically and ...


Iran in the Region

Iraq’s Militias Set Their Sights on Political Power

As the fight against the Islamic State winds down, the issue of the PMF has only grown in prominence — pitting international fears of sectarian ...


Arab Leaders

Commentary: Losing in Every Direction: The Arab Game of Thrones

If one looks at Arab voices and experts, the leaders of the Arab world are ignoring long-standing warnings that Arab experts gave about population growth, ...


Qatar Dispute

Qatar-Saudi dispute is bad for the US, Tillerson says

"This dispute has had direct negative consequences economically and militarily for those involved, as well as the United States. We are concerned by the rhetoric ...



Taliban threaten 70% of Afghanistan, BBC finds

Taliban fighters, whom US-led forces spent billions of dollars trying to defeat, are now openly active in 70% of Afghanistan, a BBC study has found. Months ...


Cyber Security

What the US Military Can Teach Everyone Else About Cyber Security

The department operates in an environment in which cyberattacks are a persistent threat and as a result, its approach is very different from civilian agencies ...


IMF Advice

IMF Chief Says Middle Eastern Nations Must Broaden Tax Bases

Middle Eastern countries should pursue fiscal policies to support growth and build broader tax bases to fund infrastructure projects and social spending, the head of ...



Court orders Amnesty chair released from Turkey jail

A court in Istanbul has ruled for the release from jail of Amnesty International’s Turkey chairman, Taner Kilic, pending a verdict in his trial. ...



Oman temporarily bans expats in 87 professions

Oman’s minister of manpower Shaikh Abdullah Al Bakri on Sunday issued a decision banning the issuance of new visas for workers in 87 professions in ...


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