Saudi Films on Display in Los Angeles for Second Annual Young Saudi Film Festival

Six films from Saudi Arabia will headline the second annual Young Saudi Film Festival, which opens in Los Angeles this week, the New York Film Academy (NYFA) has announced.

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Pakistan to send troops to Saudi Arabia to train and advise

The exact role the troops will play was unclear, but a statement from the army’s press wing on Thursday stressed they “will not be employed ...



Disruptive Future Technologies in the Kingdom

The changes happening in the Kingdom in the adoption of latest technologies and digitization is very fast, experts discussed at the “AutoDesk Future Forum” in ...


Yemen Civil War

U.N. Security Council mulls Saudi praise for Yemen aid pledge

The United Nations Security Council is considering a British proposal to praise Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for pledging nearly $1 billion to ...



Egypt’s Biggest Bank Seeks $500 Million Loans, Eyes Saudi Market

The National Bank of Egypt is looking to secure $500 million in loans by the end of June, shunning the issuance of bonds as it ...



$4bn Surge as Ripple Signs an Agreement with Saudi Arabia

The pilot programme, the first of its kind to involve a central bank, will enable banks to use Ripple’s xCurrent software to instant settle payments ...


Women in Sports

Saudi women run to promote fitness culture

The group meets thrice weekly to practice running drills, a special workout technique to improve running posture, speed, and duration. It also strengthens legs, core ...


King Abdullah Scholarship Program

Saudi Cuts in Student Aid Leave Some Struggling

In 2015, the government decided to suspend the program to review the results, with promises to resume the grants shortly. But the program has not ...


Guantanamo Bay

Will Trump release a Saudi prisoner from Guantanamo?

On the campaign trail Donald Trump said he wanted to keep the detention center at Guantanamo Bay open and "load it up with some bad ...



Saudi Arabia’s SALIC looking at Iraq farmland investments

The Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) is looking at more farmland investment opportunities and has its neighbour Iraq on the list. ...


History and Culture

Ancient Artists Carved Camels in Saudi Desert’s Stone

Some 2,000 years ago, perhaps, ancient artists in the Arabian desert climbed tall rock outcrops and carved life-size camels into the stone. ...


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Tillerson says US-Turkish relations at ‘crisis point’

At a joint press conference in Ankara on Friday, Rex Tillerson said the US-Turkey alliance "is too valuable" for the two countries not to take ...


Global Oil Markets

Plans in the works for super group of oil producing countries

Plans for a super group of oil producing countries could be in place before the end of this year as Opec works to institutionalise the ...


GCC Summit

Trump Plans Arab Summit Conditioned on Qatar Progress, Source Says

The Trump administration is moving toward hosting a summit with a bloc of six Arab nations later this year, but first wants to see signs ...


Qatar Crisis

Crisis resolution is up to Qatar, Al Jubeir says

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain said that Qatar was aware of what it should do to solve the crisis that has hit ...



Will the Israeli-Iranian Showdown Be in Syria — or New York?

Over the past fifteen years, Israel has steadily seen its own maneuverability in the region recede, while Iran’s has been bolstered by Washington’s disastrous invasion ...



Lebanon and Israel’s precarious peace

Chest-thumping declarations promising to bomb Lebanon into the Stone Age and equally ominous promises by Hezbollah to take the next war into Israel frame this ...



Muslims Losing Digital War Against ISIS

When social media firms act, it is too often focused on Western-based activity, with a bias towards English-language activity, as opposed to many Muslims’ native ...



The two things that will determine Netanyahu’s fate

Two factors will determine his fate: the reaction of Netanyahu’s coalition partners and the public’s reaction in the next elections (due no later than the ...


ME Problems

Opinion: Mideast’s turmoil, terror rooted in ’73 oil-price spike

I think 1973 is more significant, not because of the October war when Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria but its consequence: a fourfold ...



Perspective: Turkey’s Erdogan sets an example for illiberal, majoritarian governments

In a deeply polarized country, the sentiments reflect the platform through which Erdogan has built a majority to buttress his rule, bringing together Turkish ultranationalists and more pious conservatives ...


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