Saudi Crown Prince Reassures Foreign Investors after Corruption Crackdown

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is seeking to reassure the business community following the Kingdom's crackdown on corruption, which netted over $100 billion for the Saudi government from alleged impropriety.

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Saudi Nuclear Energy

Why Trump might bend nuclear security rules to help Saudi Arabia build reactors in the desert

Saudi electricity consumption doubled between 2005 and 2015. During the peak summer months, when temperatures soar past 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the kingdom burns about 700,000 ...


Oil Exports

Saudi Arabia Quietly Decreasing Dependence on Crude Exports

While an Aramco IPO continues to grab the headlines, Saudi Arabia is quietly getting on with the business of weaning itself off a dependence on ...


Corruption Crackdown

Relax and invest, Saudi prince tells investors after corruption crackdown

But top officials, including Prince Mohammed, met senior local businessmen last month to reassure them that the crackdown was mostly over and that it was ...



Saudi Arabia’s economy is already feeling the effects of VAT

Companies had boosted output and purchasing at the end of last year, ahead of the new tax, meaning the slowdown “is likely to be transitory,” ...


Saudi Oil Exports

Saudi oil exports rose slightly in December: JODI

Saudi Arabia increased its crude oil exports slightly in December to 7.045 million barrels per day (bpd), official data showed on Monday. ...



Saudi blockchain pilot could save banks up to $400m per year, Moody’s says

Saudi Arabian banks could save up to $400m per year using blockchain software to facilitate cross-border payments, which is a credit positive move for the ...



Saudi finance ministry sells $1.93bln of domestic sukuk

Saudi Arabia's finance ministry sold 7.22 billion riyals ($1.93 billion) of domestic sukuk in its monthly sale by re-opening an issue originally made last month, ...


Driver Training

Ford ‘Driving Skills for Life For Her’ debuts

Based on its award-winning global safe driving initiatives, DSFL has customized an introductory Program which focuses on building women’s confidence behind the wheel, expanding their ...



Saudi to privatize 17 university hospitals

The Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia is continuing its programme of hospital privatisation as 17 university hospitals are set to welcome private sector management in ...



10,000 Saudi soldiers being trained in Pakistan

Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir, who was giving a policy statement in the senate on a recent government’s decision to send 1000 additional troops to the ...



Saudi youth urged to consider franchising as serious option

oung entrepreneurs intending to set up small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should go into franchising, the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) advised recently. ...


Call to Prayer Debate

Uproar after pro-government Saudi journalist urges silencing mosque

He also criticised religious authorities for failing to apply a previous ban on mosques using loudspeakers for broadcasting sermons and recitations, accusing them of caving ...



Saudi foreign minister rejects Qatari proposal of EU-style security pact

“We already have a structure in place,” said al-Jubeir in Vienna on the sidelines of a meeting with his Austrian counterpart, referring to the Gulf ...


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After ISIS, the US Faces Its Next Battle: Syria’s Erupting Fault Lines

The winding down of the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS has re-exposed all of the latent fault lines in Syria, provoking new conflicts. ...



Angry Iranians Are Forcing Their Leaders to Reboot Their Economic Plans

More than two-thirds of the public see economic conditions as somewhat or very bad, according to a survey last month by Toronto-based IranPoll for the ...


U.S. Leadership

U.S. Leadership Image Suffers Most Among Friendly Nations

Residents of allied nations (those that have formal alliances with the U.S.) are less likely to approve of U.S. leadership under Trump than are those ...


Trade War

Perspective: If US-China trade war goes global, it has big implications for Mideast

If the Chinese and other Asian economies slow down as a result of a trade war, it is bad news for the region’s biggest export ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

For now, U.S. wants Europeans just to commit to improve Iran deal

The United States has sketched out a path under which three key European allies would simply commit to try to improve the Iran nuclear deal ...


China in the Region

Commentary: China’s step into the maelstrom of the Middle East

The Middle East has a knack for sucking external powers into its conflicts. China’s ventures into the region have shown how difficult it is to maintain ...


War in Yemen

Clashes leave 27 dead as Yemen troops target Al-Qaeda

Special forces trained by the United Arab Emirates - a key member of a Saudi-led alliance fighting alongside Yemen's government forces - over the weekend ...


Extremism in Europe

Their Parents Fought With ISIS. Now France Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Them.

Forty-four are in a government program that houses and educates them and is evaluating them for extremist beliefs or trauma. But government officials say the ...


Islamic State

Islamic State kills 27 Iraqi security personnel in Kirkuk

Islamic State militants ambushed a convoy and killed at least 27 Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces fighters in Iraq, the militia said. ...


Deira Mall

Dubai’s Nakheel awards $1.14bn contract for ‘Middle East’s largest mall’

Dubai developer Nakheel has awarded a Dhs4.2bn ($1.14bn) construction contract for its upcoming Deira Mall to United Engineering Construction (UNEC). The company said the new shopping ...



The Middle East: opportunities for investment in 2018

GlobalData expects the major oil and gas producing countries in the Middle East will offer opportunities for investment in 2018. A key event will be ...


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