Saudi Officials, Current and Former, Downplay Oil Demand Concerns

Saudi officials downplayed the risk of waning demand for oil as electric vehicles become more mainstream, according to comments made by Saudi Aramco's CEO Amin Nasser and by former Minister of Petroleum Ali Al Naimi.

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MBS World Tour: 2018

Saudi Crown Prince visits UK to talk security, trade

The 32-year-old Crown Prince, who is first in line to inherit the throne from his 82-year-old father, King Salman, is being given the red carpet ...


MBS UK Visit

Saudi Crown Prince courts investment in London

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince wants to persuade his British and U.S. allies that ''shock'' reforms have made his country a better place to invest and ...


MBS UK Visit

Analysis: Tempering Expectation with Realism in Mohammed bin Salman’s London Visit

British interests have been hit harder than most other international partners of the Gulf States by the fracturing of the GCC. ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Memo to the President on Saudi Arabia

M.B.S. is definitely bold. I can think of no one else in the ruling family who would have put in place the profound social, religious ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Says Fears of ‘Peak Oil Demand’ Are Overblown

“I am not losing any sleep over ‘peak oil demand’ or ‘stranded resources,”’ Saudi Aramco Chief Executive Officer Amin Nasser said at the CERAWeek by ...


Amin Nasser

CNBC’s full interview with Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser

CNBC's Brian Sullivan sits down with Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser for an exclusive interview from the CERAWeek conference in Houston, Texas. ...


Pope Tawadros II

Saudi crown prince visits Cairo Coptic cathedral, meets pope

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Coptic Pope Tawadros II at Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedral on Monday in what state media said was ...


Female Drivers

Saudi Arabia women learn to drive as King Salman decree allows them to get drivers licenses

At the female-only campus of Effat University in Jiddah, dozens of young Saudi students dressed in long, loose black robes -- still the required dress ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

How Saudi Prince’s Stock Market Flop May Be Salvaged

Saudi Arabia’s drive to lure foreigners to invest in its stock market has fallen flat, with some would-be buyers kept on the sidelines by political ...


Back Zakat

Saudi crown prince seeks solution to banks’ $2.6 billion Islamic tax row: sources

It follows disclosures by major Saudi banks in recent weeks that the government’s General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) is asking them for additional ...



Iraq and Saudi Arabia Come Together Just for Kicks

Fresh sod had been carefully mowed in the new stadium. Special trains carried thousands of fans on the 10-hour journey from Baghdad. Intelligence agents had ...



Saudi Arabia bans dancing at concert

Not only will the men and women attending the event be required to wear “modest clothes” — and remain in separate areas — but dancing ...


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Kurdish-led forces in Syria withdraw from fight against ISIS to battle Turkey in Afrin

U.S.-allied forces in eastern Syria said Tuesday that they are withdrawing from the front lines of the war against the Islamic State in order to ...



Turks v. Kurds – Drone War Footage: Video

In January, Turkey launched an offensive into Syria's northwest. We analyzed drone footage released by the military to show how 2 sides fight on a ...


Qatar Dispute

Saudi prince says Qatar won’t be barred from Arab summit

Qatar will not be barred from an Arab summit in Riyadh later this month, but the standoff between Doha and a Saudi-led, four-nation alliance could ...



Iran’s missile production has increased three-fold: Guards commander

Iran has increased its missile production three-fold, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said Wednesday, according to the Fars news service. ...



Russian plane crash in Syria kills 39 servicemen

A Russian military cargo plane crashed near an air base in Syria on Tuesday, killing all 39 Russian servicemen on board in a blow to ...



Planes, Trains and Trucks: Global Trade Boom Fires Up Oil Demand

The strength of oil consumption took analysts by surprise last year, and played a big role in crude’s recovery to a three-year high in January. ...


U.S. Department of State

Perspective: The State Department Needs Rehab

It’s important to understand the State Department was falling on hard times even before the Trump administration accelerated the trend. ...


Mueller Investigation

Businessman with ties to United Arab Emirates is cooperating with Mueller probe

Investigators are interested in Nader’s role at a January 2017 meeting in the Seychelles between Erik Prince, a supporter of President Trump, and a Russian ...


War in Yemen

Skirting Saudi arms sales, France says Iran has ‘lots’ of weapons in Yemen

France’s foreign minister on Tuesday sidestepped questions on whether his country should end weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates because they ...



Israel hints that Sinai fighting caused cellular disruption

An Israeli official has hinted that a disruption to cellular coverage across southern Israel was caused by fighting in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. ...



How Egypt’s Strongman Is Turning Sports Into Propaganda

The surreal scene is the perfect illustration fn the unabashed politicization of football in Egypt, as well as the EFA’s willingness to become an instrument ...


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