Oil Revenues Above Saudi Budget Breakeven Price Will Go to PIF Coffers, Al Tuwaijri Says

Steadily climbing oil prices over the past year may help increase cash in Saudi Arabia's massive Public Investment Fund (PIF), according to comments by Mohammed Al Tuwaijri, the kingdom’s minister of economy and planning.

Saudi Arabia

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MBS in the UK

Saudi Arabia launches a charm offensive in Britain

Saudi Arabia’s princes used to shrink from Britain’s press like women in purdah. A critical BBC documentary prompted King Khalid to cancel a trip to ...


MBS UK Visit

Talks turn to defence on final day Saudi crown prince’s UK visit

Friday’s meeting is expected to include talks on the sale of up to 48 Typhoon fighter jets made by British firm BAE Systems - a ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Arabia: ‘Big concern’ about listing Aramco in New York

"I would say litigation and liability are a big concern in the US," energy minister Khalid Al Falih told CNNMoney's emerging markets editor John Defterios. ...


Nuclear Power

Saudi Arabia Enlists Lobbyists in Quest to Build Nuclear Plants

The flurry of registrations underscores the high stakes in Saudi Arabia’s bid to build as many as 16 nuclear reactors over the next quarter century. ...


Saudi Shale

Saudi Arabia Plans Its Own Shale Revolution

Saudi Arabia has big gas plans, with Aramco eyeing a twofold increase in its natural gas production over the next ten years as it seeks ...


Public Investment Fund (PIF)

Oil cash set to boost Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund

Saudi Arabia is set to use surplus oil revenues to bolster the financial firepower of its $230bn Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund driving ...


Saudi Women

Saudi women celebrate Women’s Day with a jog in Jeddah

Paying no heed to bemused onlookers, a group of women in the Saudi city of Jeddah marked International Women’s Day on Thursday by exercising one ...


Music in Saudi Arabia

The secret sounds of Saudi Arabia — from rock and rap to black metal

Music is at the vanguard of the new policy. Last year American country musician Toby Keith — Stetson-wearing maker of songs such as “She’s a ...


Religious Freedom

Archbishop: Saudi leader wants different faiths to flourish

The leader of the Anglican church says Saudi Arabia’s crown prince is committed to the flourishing of different faiths in his strict Sunni Muslim kingdom. ...



Saudi-Turkey ties take a turn for the worse

Turkey’s expanding military influence is raising fears in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt. Ankara now has three military bases in the region—in Qatar, Somalia, ...


Billionaires List

Forbes removes all Saudi billionaires from its latest list

"There are a thousand and one stories about what precisely happened, making it impossible to know definitively who gave how much to whom when," Forbes ...


Capital Punishment

Saudi Arabia: Has the rate of executions doubled?

Saudi Arabia does not release official statistics on the number of executions it carries out. However, her figures are broadly correct, according to prominent human ...


Saudi Women

Saudi occupancy, room rates struggle amid new supply growth

Occupancy levels and room rates continue to be pressured by growing hotel supply in Saudi Arabia, according to analysts STR. ...


Saudi Golf

Saudi Arabia to host first pro golf tournament

The new Saudi tournament will form part of the early season Gulf desert swing which already includes tournaments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and Oman. ...


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RIP American Century

Opinion: The ‘American Century’ Is Over, and It Died in Syria

Around the globe, longstanding legal and ethical norms are being eroded, and the world is being dragged back to a more ruthless, less-enlightened age. China, ...


Women in Science

Iran and Saudi Arabia lead when it comes to women in science

Young women in science are the rule, not the exception, in the Middle East. At least a third of STEM trained talent across the Muslim ...


Drone Era

The Sunset of the Predator: Reflections on the End of an Era

During that first combat sortie in 2001, the Predator was still a proof-of-concept science project. Now, “persistent attack and reconnaissance” aircraft are a permanent fixture ...



Iranian women protest hijab laws in Islamic Republic by removing their headscarves

Iranian women have been raising a new challenge to their Islamic government, breaking one of its most fundamental rules by pulling off their headscarves in ...



US, Israel in ‘dress rehearsal‘ for joint response against Iran missile attack

U.S. and Israeli contingency plans for a joint response to an Iranian missile attack could be activated at any moment, with U.S. forces arriving in ...


Boycott Bill

Israel anti-boycott bill inches closer to passing Senate after revisions

Lawmakers unveiled the latest iteration of a bill meant to crack down on boycotts of Israel and its West Bank settlements just in time for ...



UN Envoy Calls On Taliban To Take Up Ghani’s Offer Of Talks

The United Nations envoy to Afghanistan has urged the Taliban to accept an offer by Afghanistan’s government of direct peace negotiations that could lead to ...


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