WATCH: Adidas Ultraboost Ad Features Young Saudi Women Combatting Fitness Stereotypes

A new inspirational advertisement for Adidas’ popular Ultraboost shoe line features three young Saudi women discussing stereotypes they face and how they overcome them.

The ad for Ultraboost trainers features fitness instructor and modest sportswear designer Lojain Alrefae running along the waterfront in Jeddah; Saudi mountaineer Raha Moharrak climbing the rocky ranges near Jeddah and football campaigner Saja Kamal kicking a ball around in the heritage area of the coastal city.

“I’m lazy…I’m weak…I have no ambition,” the three women say at the beginning of the advertisement in Arabic.

But then the three women say how they’ve shattered these stereotypes as it shows all three running in various locations in Saudi Arabia.

“I’ve only climbed over every barrier laid out in front of me…I’ve only carried the weight of all past generations on my shoulders….I’ve only scored every goal set for myself.”

“We create our own destiny.”

The beautifully produced ad finishes with the slogan by Adidas, “Here to create change.”

[Click here to watch the advertisement on YouTube]