White House Supports Development of ‘A New United States-Saudi Program’, Endorses Strong Saudi Relationship

The White House released a statement yesterday calling for the development of “a new United States-Saudi program” after the President hosted Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for a lunch meeting.

The statement re-affirmed the U.S.-Saudi political, military, security, economic, cultural, and social relationship and the importance of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia working together “based on a shared interest and commitment to the stability and prosperity of the Middle East region.”

“The two countries announced their determination to strengthen their cooperation in the economic, commercial, investment, and energy fields, with the aim of realizing growth and prosperity in the two countries and the global economy,” the statement said. “President Trump provided his support for developing a new United States-Saudi program, undertaken by joint U.S.-Saudi working groups, and its unique initiatives in energy, industry, infrastructure, and technology worth potentially more than $200 billion in direct and indirect investments within the next four years. The President also provided his support for United States investments in Saudi Arabia and the facilitation of bilateral trade, which will result in sizable opportunities for both countries.”

The meeting was viewed by both U.S. and Saudi officials as a success.

The meeting was viewed by both U.S. and Saudi officials as a success.

The release follows comments made by an advisor to Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in which the advisor enthusiastically reported a reset in U.S.-Saudi relations.

“On energy, the two countries affirmed their desire to continue bilateral consultations in a way that enhances the growth of the global economy and limits supply disruption and market volatility,” the statement said.

The meeting was widely viewed in the media as a success for Saudi Arabia and for the strength of the U.S.-Saudi partnership.

“The White House statement offered a glimpse at how this nascent administration’s Middle East policies are taking shape, and how influential Saudi Arabia may be in shaping them. It left little doubt of the president’s commitment to reinforcing relations with Saudi Arabia in a lengthy readout Wednesday — a day after the visit,” the AP reports.