Yemen’s President Hadi Says Saudis Gave $10 Billion to Rebuild War-Torn Nation

Yemen’s President Hadi said that Saudi Arabia has given his nation $10 billion to rebuild following nearly two years of civil war, according to reports.

The funds will go to restoring electricity and water supply, healthcare, education and communications, according to RT. Hadi defined these as the urgent priorities for his government.

Saudi officials have yet to confirm the $10 billion figure.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman arrives for a summit in Egypt with Yemen's President Hadi last year.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman arrives for a summit in Egypt with Yemen’s President Hadi last year.

President Hadi said the Kingdom had allocated $10 billion “including $2 billion as a deposit in the central bank to shore up the (Yemeni) riyal,” Arab News reports, citing the Saba news agency.

Hadi’s recent visit to Riyadh underscores his U.N.-recognized government’s closeness with Saudi Arabia. However, the civil war in Yemen continues to rage on. Two weeks ago, the Kingdom reported seven Saudi soldiers had died in incidents on Saudi Arabia’s southern border with Yemen that week.

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes continue as it tries to secure coastal areas and extend territorial control. On February 15th, the Houthi insurgents and medical officials accused Saudi Arabia of targeting another funeral. Five bodies were recovered from the scene and that the toll was likely to rise, according to the Guardian.